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Title 44.1 Teaching God's Children His Truth
Author/s Brian Simmons
Preview Our goal for our four children is simple. We want them to become academically prepared, devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Teaching God's Children His Truth

A new school year is right around the corner! Where does the summer go?

I can remember years ago preparing each of our four children for the first day of school. Forever ingrained in my memory are the snapshots of Jared, Drew, Lindi, and Aubrey walking up to the school door dressed in their new first-day-of-school outfits with their backpacks stuffed with new school supplies. In some ways, these days seem like just yesterday. As young parents of four children born five years apart, we would often hear older parents advising us that the days would go by quickly, and they were right!

Today, Bonnie and I are almost to the end of our journey with school-aged children. Our "baby" Aubrey leaves next week for a semester of study abroad in Australia as she enters her senior year of college at Palm Beach Atlantic University. At the conclusion of this year, our four children will have spent nearly 68 years in Christian schools, kindergarten through college.

Like most parents, Bonnie and I have always wanted the best for our children. Our goal for our four children is simple. We want them to become academically prepared, devoted followers of Jesus Christ. In other words, Bonnie and I have both a 10-year goal and a 10,000-year goal for our children. Our 10-year goal is that they will place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, graduate from college thoroughly prepared for effective and productive careers wherever God calls them to serve and glorify Him, and one day establish families of their own that are devoted to Jesus Christ. Our 10,000-year goal is that we will all spend eternity together in the presence of our Creator, where we will enjoy Him forever.

Jared, Drew, Lindi, and Aubrey are my children, but really I am a steward for those whom God has entrusted to my care. My children are His children! God is the Father of us all, and His plan for His children is that they all be educated in accordance with His truth.

Through the years, Bonnie and I have done our best to teach our children. We taught them to look both ways before crossing the street. As they grew older we taught them the dangers of alcohol and use of other drugs, and we taught them not to text and drive. We taught them to live lives of obedience to God and to honor Him with their relationships. Why? Because we wanted what was best for them, and we wanted to protect them from those things that have the potential to harm them.

Just as we as parents naturally want the best for our children, so God our heavenly Father wants what is best for His children! God is truth, and all truth is God's truth. For example, mathematics is the language of science, and as we discover and learn the truths of math and science we are simply thinking God's thoughts after Him. We study God's special revelation, the Bible, and His natural revelation through all that He has created. Truth is an integrated whole.

Sadly, the secularists of our day have disintegrated faith from academic disciplines and have excluded God and His word from academic pursuit. According to Frank Gaebelein, in his timeless book The Pattern of God's Truth, "Nothing true is outside the scope of Christianity" (1994, 21). "A dichotomy between sacred and secular truth has no place in a consistently Christian philosophy of education" (v). I agree with Gaebelein on this point. The truth of every academic discipline is within the realm of God's truth.

So, looking back, Bonnie and I are so thankful for the wonderful opportunity that has been ours to invest for 68 years in the Christian school education of each of our four children. We are discovering, with our adult children, that this investment was truly Worth It (ACSI/Purposeful Design Publications, 2011) as we continue to teach our children God's truth.

Brian S. Simmons, President ACSI


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