Category Urban Schools
Title Educating A More Effective Way 7.3 MT
Preview Cognitive Testing-Gibson Cognitive Skills Test

This volume reviews the importance of understanding your students' cognitive foundation. Learn how to assess and train the weak cognitive skills of your students using the Gibson Cognitive Skills Test (GCST).

(The GCST was validated and standardized by Dick Carpenter, a professor at The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. The GCST is modeled after the Woodcock Johnson III-Cognitive Skills.)


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Section 1: The Learning Curve 6
Section 2: School Program Implementation Start-up Summary 13
Section 3. Part 1: Gibson Cognitive Skill Test Overview 15
Part 2: Gibson Cognitive Skills Test-Standardization Plan 16
Section 4. Part 1: Core Cognitive Skill Exercises Overview 17
Part 2: Instructor Introduction to the Exercise Program 19
Section 5. Part 1: Student Registration Requirements 21
Part 2: Student Bulk Registration Process for Schools 22
Section 6: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 23


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