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Here at ACSI we understand that it takes many contributing factors to run a successful International Student Program. From achieving successful homestays to finding reliable agents/recruiters, we're here to help! Our goal is to support your International Student Program- spreading the love of Christ from our schools to students from around the world.
Contact our Assistant Vice President Dr. Erin Wilcox at for more information on how we can equip your international student program. 

Interested in starting or developing your international student program?

Administrators or Coordinators of International Student Programs: Do you have questions about starting an international student program? Are you confused about the business side of bringing in new international students?

Homestay Coordinators: Do you often wonder how to bring in more families? Do you have difficulty equipping these families with the tools they need? 

Admissions Officers: Do you need advice for working with agents/recruiters and how to find good recruiting avenues for international students? 

We have resources to help with these questions and more!

If you are looking for schools with ISP programs, you can use our "Find a School" search on the ACSI home page.  Here is how you do that...

  • Click on "Find a School" (top blue bar on ACSI home page)
  • Click on "Show Results" (bottom right corner, after making no other choices unless you want to limit it to one state or city)
  • In the orange box "Refine your Search Results" choose "I-20" and any other indicators you desire such as "High School" or enrollment size.
  • Click "Search Now"  

The list of SEVIS certified schools (allows international students to study with them) is public information and can be found here

ISP Training

ACSI is offering three opportunities for ISP training around the US during the 2019-2020 academic year (Brea, CA; Lancaster, PA; and Plano, TX). Please visit the ISP Trainings page to learn more and to register. 

The seven key topics include:

1) Mission and Vision
2) Transition Experience
3) TCK Profile
4) English Language Learners
5) Classroom Implications
6) Spiritual Formation
7) Program Development

ISP Webinars

Upcoming Webinar: TBD 

Previous Webinars:

Recruiting International Students

High Impact Strategies for a One-Person ISP Office

How Culture Influences Schools with International Student Programs - Part 1

Improving Relationships Between International Students and Their U.S. Peers - Part 2

ISP Articles

Meeting the Needs of International Students - This article by Dr. Jan Dormer provides a very brief introduction to meeting the needs of English learners (ELs) in Christian schools. Its goal is to highlight needs international students may have because they are English learners, and how schools might address these needs.

ISP Accreditation Endorsement

Below you will find a link to ACSI's International Student Program Accreditation Endorsement. We hope that your school will be able to use this resource as a way to strengthen, establish, and eventually achieve the International Student Program Endorsement with ACSI.

ISP Accreditation Endorsement Protocol

Student Insurance 

By recommendation of an ACSI member school with a successful International Student Program, ACSI would like to direct schools seeking insurance for their international students to the Patriot Exchange program through IMG (International Medical Group). A school would need 5 or more students for the group plan (and a 10% group discount); otherwise, the individual plan would offer the same policy.

Plan Brochure

Individual Version Application 

Group Version Application

Open Doors

Open Doors

This resource is for schools considering or in the early stages of developing an International Student Program. It walks leaders through the process of sharing the concepts with other leaders and the school community, the government licensure procedure, and further first steps.  

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Connecting with Agencies
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If you are an accredited school looking for agencies with whom to connect, please contact the ISP Coordinator. We will send you more information on agencies other ACSI Schools have recommended. 

If you are an agency that places international students in Christian schools, we want to learn more about you. Please contact the ISP Coordinator and we will send you more information on how to proceed. 

We believe that connecting accredited schools and agencies is a service that will benefit both international families and out Christian schools. 

Here are two ways for your school's International Student Program Coordinator to get connected:

1.      Sign up for updates. The best way to stay informed about new resources from ACSI is to hear about it directly from us. Signing up is easy and only takes a minute! Simply fill out the form below.

2.     Join the Student Services group in the ACSI Online Community ( ISP coordinators use this space to connect with one another, share ideas, and keep up-to-date on opportunities and resources for international student programs.