ACSI Spiritual Climate Assessment

The Role of Education

The role of education (at its most foundational level) asks what fundamental patterns of interaction among people can and ought to be structured (deliberately and systematically). What kinds of experiences are important for people to have in order for them to learn and grow in ways that are consistent with our mission? What can we do (for and with one another) to make these kinds of experiences possible? 

Christian schools are uniquely positioned to help students (and Christian educators) connect what they believe with how they live in the world. Providing an environment that encourages a holistic view of faith and practice is an important component of the Christian school experience. However, there are few mechanisms to evaluate whether the mission of the Christian school is being accomplished in the lives of students and other members of the school community.   

Purpose of an ACSI Spiritual Climate Assessment (ASCA)

  • Identify and describe perceptions of the school community regarding an environment (or school climate) that is conducive to faith development
  • Capture a snapshot of "what is" based on perception from the various school groups
  • Provide an intentional, strategic, collaborative, transparent, and coordinated effort to strengthen the spiritual climate of the school 

Detailed Information on an ACSI Spiritual Climate Assessment for your Christian School

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