The Steps Toward Achieving Recognition program is designed to assist non-accredited ACSI member schools with a formal process of school improvement that will lead them toward recognition and possibly toward accreditation with ACSI.

Four Core Assumptions:

  • Christ centered: Focusing on improvement in various aspects of a school enhances the spiritual mission of the Christian school.
  • Staff involved: The involvement of all the school's staff with input from its constituency are essential to long-lasting, positive development.
  • Strategically thinking: Thoughtful, reflective dialogue engenders energizing ideas and vision about the future.
  • Goal oriented: Clear goals and objectives are critical to valid assessment, planning, and satisfaction.

 Four School Improvement Values:

"The STAR program was a great tool to review our entire school program in preparation for accreditation."

  • Learning centered: The school is focused on its educational obligations and its mission to its students.
  • Results oriented: The school is focused on the general and specific results it has clearly established and desires to accomplish.
  • People committed: The school is focused on serving all its people, giving attention to their well-being.
  • Assessment driven: The school is focused on rigorous assessment with a demand for data and evidence.

Distinctives of the program:

  • Five-step process—each step is designed to take a year, but not more than two years
    • Step 1: Philosophy and objectives; Curriculum and Instruction; School Culture and Community; School Resources; Planning
    • Step 2: School Facilities; School Personnel; Student Needs and Care; Organizational Leadership Activities; Co-curricular and Extracurricular Functions
    • Step 3: Assessment of Learning; Textbook Selection; Spiritual Formation; Public Relations and Development; Budgeting Process; Technology
    • Step 4: Reviews of the Bible, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Language Arts Instructional Programs
    • Step 5: Review of the STAR Steps, Development of a Strategic Response, Overall Assessment, and Preparation for Improvement
  • Completing projects in such areas as instructional objectives, scope and sequence, budget planning, professional development, long- and short-range planning, and other areas for school growth.
  • Web based 

STAR Program Information Brochure

STAR Program Application