Textbooks & Achievement Testing

ACSI seeks to make available the very best textbooks to the Christian school movement and is committed to an ever-increasing development of excellent instructional resources for Christian schools around the world. Purposeful Design Publications, the publishing division of ACSI, is a result of that commitment.

Purposeful Design Logo Purposeful Design textbook series and courses provide an engaging format for students, an objective-focused lesson structure, an abundance of support content, a variety of instructional options, and suggestions for differentiating instruction. Our textbooks reflect a Christian worldview and are also aligned to national content standards. But most important, our textbooks are purposefully designed to enhance the teaching gift so that teachers can shape lessons to give their students the opportunity to succeed.

Many of our instructional materials are now available in an e-book format, making it easy for your teachers and students to access lessons anytime and anywhere.

Purposeful Design textbook offerings include:

  • Bible (Preschool through Grade 12)PDP Science
  • Science (Grades 1 through 9)
  • Mathematics (Kindergarten through Grade 8)
  • Spelling (Grades 1 through 6)
  • English as a Foreign Language (Ages 3 through 11)
  • Character Foundation (Kindergarten through Grade 6)
  • Health (Middle School and High School)
  • Preschool and Kindergarten

Purposeful Design also provides these textbooks through strategic partnerships with other publishers:

  • Literature (Grades 3 through 12)
  • Christian Worldview and Apologetics (High School)

Purposeful Design provides ongoing professional development opportunities through webinars and site workshops. These come at no cost to the participants. Our goal is to help schools make the most effective use of our textbook series. This page is dedicated to providing you with information about professional development venues that focus on these instructional materials.

ACSI Student Assessment Program

ACSI's partnership with DRC/CTB pro­vides ACSI member schools an exciting full service standardized assessment program. This program provides access to superior quality and current testing products and services.

TerraNova 3, ACSI Edition

TerraNova 3 reflects diligent dedication to the highest technical standards. It leverages the most current innovations in measurement methodology. The result is a valid, reliable assessment that meets rigorous psychometric standards. This ensures that results accurately measure and report your students' performance relative to the latest national norms. TerraNova 3 features norms from a national empirical study that offers the most current and accurate achievement comparisons between groups of students. ACSI norms are also available.

TerraNova 3 content is closely aligned to state standards and those promoted by national teacher associations. It is also aligned to the framework of the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Content Area Standards Alignment:

  • Reading—International Reading Association and National Council of Teachers of English
  • Mathematics—National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Science—National Science Standards and Frameworks
  • Social Studies—National Council for the Social Studies 

The Bible Assessment Subtest of the ACSI Edition of TerraNova 3 allows Christian school educators to assess and demonstrate how much biblical knowledge students have acquired.

Also included in the ACSI edition are five PLUS Tests, which are designed to provide the school with baseline and diagnostic data in these areas:

  • Word Analysis
  • Language Mechanics
  • Vocabulary
  • Math Computation
  • Spelling

Schools may also assess their students' cognitive skills and abilities with the Primary Test of Cognitive Skills for grades K and 1, and InView for grades 2 through 12. When administered with TerraNova 3, schools receive helpful anticipated achievement scores.

ACSI Data Online for Administrators/Teachers and ACSI Data Online for Parents

ACSI Data Online is the customized component of the ACSI scoring package for TerraNova 3, Bible Assessment, and InView. It is a powerful Web-based system that provides administrators, principals, and teachers with the information needed to measurably improve student performance.

ACSI Data Online for Parents is a powerful resource for schools' parents! They can now access their child's easy-to-read test results and helpful resources online.

Additional Assessments and Activities

CTB Assessment Logos ALL

To help address the variety of assessment needs schools often have, our assessment program also provides access to these additional DRC/CTB products and services at member discounted prices:

  • Acuity—an informative assessment solution that helps you diagnose, predict, report, communicate, and provide individual instruction throughout the year
  • LAS Links and LAS Links Online—an English language proficiency assessment
  • TerraNova Online—an online achievement test for math and reading/language arts
  • TerraNova 3 Online—an online achievement test for all content areas
  • Fox Letters and Numbers—an observational assessment that measures conceptual development in literacy and mathematics in the year preceding kindergarten.

Professional Development

We are excited about the enhanced services that this partnership provides. DRC/CTB has come alongside ACSI to provide ongoing professional development opportunities through the venues of webinars and regional and site workshops. Many of these activities are at no cost to participants in the ACSI Assessment Program. Visit www.purposefuldesign.com and select Assessment Support for additional details.

Our online store features TerraNova 3 and other additional assessments. From here you can learn more about all features of the program and access them, including ...

  • Fall and spring testing information
  • Important updates
  • Webinars and in-services
  • Ordering materials
  • Online Enrollment for machine scoring
  • Additional assessments and activities
  • ACSI Data Online
  • And more!

ACSI ConNEXUS at my.acsi.org

ConNEXUSWe encourage educators to join the ACSI Student Assessment Program group on ConNEXUS. The goal of this group is to provide a forum for teachers, administrators, and testing coordinators to discuss all aspects of the ACSI student assessment program. This group will be a clearinghouse for a variety of tools and resources to help schools make the most effective use of their score results. If you have questions about logging in to ACSI ConNEXUS, please contact member_services@acsi.org.


ACSI regional staff, sales, and customer service are prepared to answer any questions you may have about our assessment program. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-367-0798, or order@acsi.org. We desire to assist you and your faculty through each step of the process.