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  • Q & A: School Scrip Programs - Part II Members Only Content

    Continuation of Part 1: Can directly benefit the parents and what tax consequences result from such actions?
    Author: John L. Cooley

  • EE Live Webinar - December 10, 2015 Members Only Content Event

    In this webinar we will explore key elements that all early educators should consider as they work together within their programs to create meaningful, rich experiences for their students. Our webinars are always free for members! Andrea Graybill is in her eighth year&nbsp;serving as&nbsp;Director o

  • Background/Reference - Thoroughly Screen All Job Applicants Members Only Content

    Thoroughly Screen All Job Applicants- Save Your School Grief Why is it imperative for your school to conduct thorough background screenings of job applicants? Consider these examples: &bull; The federal Department of Health and Human Services conducted a spot check on the criminal records of 500 chi

  • Top 10 Legal Risk Facing Nonprofit Boards Members Only Content

    Top 10 Legal Risk Facing Nonprofit Boards

  • A Time To Reflect About Violence In Schools Members Only Content

    A Time To Reflect About Violence In SchoolsBy Tamsen Leachman. Reprinted from Education Update, number 2, April 2012. Used by permission of Fisher and Phillips LLP. The tragic shooting death at the Episcopal School in Jacksonville, Florida, has placed the issue of workplace violence on the radar scr
    Author: Tamsen Leachman

  • CEE 11.2 Opening the Window of Understanding Members Only Content

    "It's just a stage," we sometimes hear from exasperated parents or teachers. The phrase suggests that what just happened is something a child will grow out of. Development and stages are rather thoroughly associated, to the extent that if when one thinks of "spiritual development," the next thought
    Author: Donald Ratcliff

  • Q & A: School Scrip Programs - Part I Members Only Content

    Asks if scrip can directly befefit the parents and what tax consequences result from such actions.
    Author: John Cooley

  • EE Live Webinar June 17, 2015 Event

    "We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power and the wonders he has done, then they will put their trust in God."&nbsp; Psalm 78:4.&nbsp; How do we put this call from God into action in our classrooms?&nbsp; Let's go beyond Bible Stories and Chapel Time to draw lit

  • When Allergies Come to School! Members Only Content

    September, 2007What's in That Food: When Allergies Come to School!By Attorney John L. CooleyAccording to an Associated Press article by Brigette Greenberg, written in 1999, approximately 1.5 million Americans suffer from peanut allergies. The symptoms vary from an itch to a possible fatal reaction.
    Author: John L. Cooley

  • The top six ways to get the most out of ACSI’s Career Center

    Six ways this great tool will help administrators

Displaying 1 to 10 of 678 records.
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