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  • The Mechanics of Discipline 7.3

    Well-communicated boundaries provide another key to effective discipline.
    Author: Randy Taylor

  • The Facts About School Choice 15.3

    School choice programs produce strong levels of academic achievement for participating students.
    Author: Whitney Rhoades

  • The Gap-Year Phenomenon 15.3

    A 2010 study found that a gap year has a significant positive effect on academic motivation during subsequent studies, and it coincides that a gap year can help students prepare for university and clarify what they want to do.
    Author: Andrew E.C. Nixon

  • Be Well and Thrive 14.3

    We can assess our state of wellness by how we feel, how much time we spend with friends and God, how satisfied we are at work, and whether or not we fit in our clothes.
    Author: Cindy Tanis

  • Fanning a Spark 15.2

    By helping students enjoy learning both in and beyond the classroom, teachers hope that these students will exhibit greater potential to lead more satisfying lives and to honor God with their minds as they experience the rare and beautiful treasures of God's creation.
    Author: Jane Taylor Wilson

  • Education Emancipation 15.3

    Most parents know the role education plays in their child's future. The higher the level and quality of education a person receives, the better the life options that person will have.
    Author: Vernard T. Gant

  • Closing the Back Door: Understanding Adolescent Church Dropouts 15.2

    Barna research showed that teenagers' religious activity not translating into spiritual commitment as adults in their 20s and 30s.
    Author: Randy Douglass

  • Spirituality in Formation: The Spiritual Lives of ACSI Students 14.3

    Two of the most important goals of Christian schools are to help students grow spiritually and to develop their character. Livewise, one of the biggest challenges we face is evaluating how well we are fulfilling these goals.
    Author: Todd R. Marrah and Todd W. Hall

  • Exemplary School Program: Isaac Newton Christian Academy 15.3

    Once enrolled in the program, the students have access to student mentors-alumni who are successfully leading in local high schools or in college.
    Author: Dean RIdder

  • Asian Theology 101 for Christian Teachers 13.2

    As it was for Paul, it is to our benefit to be educated when we share the good news of Jesus Christ students influenced by generations of Asian theology.
    Author: Rachel Pedraza Dewey

Displaying 121 to 130 of 258 records.
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