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  • Stone the Christian! 19.3

    Let's train our children vigorously to be able to withstand the post-Christian attacks that will come their way. Let's prepare them for the rigors of life in their twenties. Let's bathe the whole process in prayer and petition to our God.
    Author: Peter Worral

  • Classroom Discipleship 19.3

    Christian educators realize that the ultimate goal for their students is not to be like them, but to be like Christ.
    Author: Mitch Evans, EdD

  • Bilingual Education in a Globalized World 19.3

    Not all schools are in a position to offer a high quality bilingual program, so ACSI has developed an English as a Foreign Language learning program specially designed for schools who are not ready or able to be fully bilingual but want to equip their students through a robust language arts program
    Author: Stuart Salazar, MEd

  • Answering the Call 19.3

    Students must find new ways to apply their readily available knowledge to high-level thought processes; they must create, evaluate, and synthesize to demonstrate their learning.
    Author: Mark Canterbury

  • New ACSI Accreditation Logo 19.3

    The highest status ACSI can give to a member school is to identify it as "accredited."
    Author: Derek J. Keenan, EdD

  • Clear Focus on Our Students 19.3

    When I talk with Christian school teachers and leaders, I often ask them to describe their greatest joy in ministry. Almost without fail, the answer is a who—seeing the life-changing impact of Christ's love in a student or colleague.
    Author: Stephen Reel

  • Christian Schools for Human Flourishing 19.3

    It is our job to help our students achieve more than they thought they could. The same is true of our faculty. We should be placing them in situations where they are provided with the tools and knowledge to grow and the safety of an environment where they might dream big dreams, feel free to make mi
    Author: Timothy P. Wiens, EdD

  • Arts on Target: The Long Arrow 19.3

    We strive to foster an environment where students can participate in creating culturally relevant work that has the potential to influence others for Christ.
    Author: Arie Ringnalda

  • Hope and a Future 19.3

    When establishing student outcomes, it is not enough simply to write them as a target; we must birth them in prayer, bind them to our hearts, and speak them through our lips.
    Author: Angie Taylor

  • A Biblical Model for Discipline and Dismissal 19.3

    Though letting a person go under the "at-will" presumption is legal in most cases, it is not always the right or wise thing to do.
    Author: Thomas J. Cathey, EdD

Displaying 71 to 80 of 248 records.
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