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  • Editor's Note 20.1

    As I read the articles for this issue of CSE, I am amazed - but certainly not surprised - at how the hand of God superintended their authorship.
    Author: Steven C. Babbitt

  • Looking Like Christ, Seeing Like Christ 20.1

    Biblical worldview development is not single event that occurs in a worldview class. Rather, it is a lifelong process.
    Author: Roger C.S. Erdvig

  • Legal Legislative 20.1

    The new final rule will become effective on December 1, 2016. The federal Fair Labor and Standards Act, commonly referred to as the FLSA (29 USC § 201 et seq.), establishes the federal minimum wage and a 40-hour workweek with time-and-a-half pay for overtime work for employees.
    Author: Legal Legislative Department

  • Being, Doing, Knowing 20.1

    The very journey of becoming ourselves is a journey of knowing another.
    Author: Niki Parks

  • Relational Discipleship in Online Learning 20.1

    The online classroom can help students learn to think for themselves as a biblical worldview is woven through all subjects and taught in required worldview courses.
    Author: Pam Horneck

  • Connecting Faith and Practice 20.1

    School climate has a direct, significant, and continuous impact on a school's commitment to spriritual formation.
    Author: JuLee Mecham

  • Expectations 11.2

    The Brown family just relocated to your locality. They have a beautiful little girl named Beth, who is going into grade 7. Mrs. Brown calls the admissions director of your school—Somewhere Christian School—to ask for more information, having the intention of possibly enrolling her daughter in the sc
    Author: Ron Whipple

  • Ingredients for Effective Educational Change 14.3

    Just as the student body should be challenged to grow academically and socially, so the institution should be challenged to improve and to strive for excellence.
    Author: Sarah Funderburke

  • How Can Faith-Based Schools Keep the Faith? 10.1

    Many schools consider themselves Chistian because they hold regular chapel worship, maintain ties to a faith-based community, and have a friend, caring ethos-not because they teach a distinctive intellectual paradigm in the classroom.
    Author: Nancy Pearcy

  • Well Prepared from Christian Education 10.1

    Christ-centered education keeps what really matters in perspective.
    Author: Kenneth S. Bode

Displaying 91 to 100 of 255 records.
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