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  • Educating and Ministering to International Students: NCC Best Practices 11.2

    Effective ministry to international students requires a mission focus; otherwise, a disservice occurs. NCC purposes to include international students in a quality educational experience and to introduce Jesus Christ to those who have not met Him while encouraging spiritual growth in those who have
    Author: Clare Lebold

  • The Dangers of Being a Friend: Risks of Social Networking 11.3

    Research on effective teaching indicates that there needs to be an appropriiate, professional distance between teachers and students.
    Author: Erin Wilcox

  • Expectations 11.2

    The Brown family just relocated to your locality. They have a beautiful little girl named Beth, who is going into grade 7. Mrs. Brown calls the admissions director of your school—Somewhere Christian School—to ask for more information, having the intention of possibly enrolling her daughter in the sc
    Author: Ron Whipple

  • Invisible Students: Do You Have Them? 10.4

    We were doing very little to help prepare these Korean students for their return to college and life in Korea.
    Author: Tim Thompson

  • Close the Rhetoric-Reality Gap 9.3

    Student objectives define your school mission in terms of measurable student learning.
    Author: Michael Essenburg

  • Helping Students Transition Well: What Can Teachers and Schools Do? 9.3

    In the classroom it is easy to focus on students who are entering and overlook students who will be leaving or to focus on the students who are leaving and miss the needs of those who are left behind.
    Author: Janet Blomberg

  • The Impact of Peer Pressure on Mission 9.2

    I am convinced that God is the author of positive peer pressure that advances His kingdom and that the enemy is the author of negative peer pressure.
    Author: Mickey Bowdon

  • Disagreeing Agreeably 9.3

    Possessing the skills to disagree agreeably allows a person not only to maintain a healthy sense of personal identity but to maintain a strong passion for ministry.
    Author: Bill Wakefield

  • Security and Short-Term Missions 7.1

    Board members, school principals, and parents across the nations are grappling with an antinomy: the grave responsibility of providing curricular activities that help fully train up a child, including missions opportunities and the equally grave responsibility of not placing a student in the midst o
    Author: Joanne Simpson

  • Eating Disorders: One School's Experience 7.1

    The media's insidious assault on the minds of adolescents is recognized as a major source of many false concepts regarding self-image, beauty, and acceptability.
    Author: Dileeni Abraham and Dick Potter

Displaying 101 to 110 of 233 records.
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