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  • International Diversity and the Education of Missionary Kids 8.2

    At the Education Consultation we reviewed our philosophy of MK education and specifically how it relates to the core values of our mission.
    Author: Dorothy Haile

  • The New Minority 18.1

    A thoughtfully and purposefully created classroom culture provides students with a clear vision of our intents

  • ACSI Teacher and Administrator Certification 17.2

    ACSI certification provides information, materials, and services to assist teachers and administrators in recognizing and meeting quality standards and to effectively instruct and meet the needs of the students they have been called to serve.

  • Building a Better School 17.3

    This book provides a series of well-written essays on leadership issues that matter. We all know that leadership in the Christian school is of utmost significance; this collection also reminds us that leadership is complicated and challenging.
    Author: Stephen Dill

  • Being Thankful as a Christian School Educator Even in the Tough Times 17.2

    Tough times are really not all that bad in light of eternity and even in the here and now.
    Author: David Michaux

  • Teach, Train, Encourage 17.3

    The idea that our life is on display as a teacher and we are role models and examples is consistent throughout Scripture.
    Author: Sam Barfell

  • Complementary -- ACSI and CERI 17.3

    CERI is delighted to collaborate with ACSI to provide humanitarian assistance to ACSI impoverished children through our Child Relief and Support Program (CRSP).
    Author: Gary Huckabay

  • Parent Involvement in Our Schools 17.2

    When moms' and dads' involvement in school interferes with the shalom of the school, school leadership must step in to quickly limit the obstacle.
    Author: Gary B. Arnold

  • Defining Twenty-first Century Education 18.1

    Too many Christian school classrooms are based on the traditional model of instruction in which the teacher is the giver of all information.
    Author: Jeremy A. Ervin

  • Interview with Dr. Harro Van Brummelen 17.2

    The following interview captures Dr. Van Brummelen's wise insights regarding the past, present, and future of Christian education based on nearly 50 years of experience with K-12 and post-secondary levels. Kim Franklin (KF): Describe your calling to Christian education.
    Author: Kim Franklin

Displaying 131 to 140 of 229 records.
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