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  • Understanding Academic Rigor 19.3

    When young children attend an early education program that uses research to inform practice, intentional and active learning takes place throughout the day. Children sing, move, and play as part of their learning experience.
    Author: Sara Jo Dillard, MEd

  • Arts on Target: The Long Arrow 19.3

    We strive to foster an environment where students can participate in creating culturally relevant work that has the potential to influence others for Christ.
    Author: Arie Ringnalda

  • Hope and a Future 19.3

    When establishing student outcomes, it is not enough simply to write them as a target; we must birth them in prayer, bind them to our hearts, and speak them through our lips.
    Author: Angie Taylor

  • A Biblical Model for Discipline and Dismissal 19.3

    Though letting a person go under the "at-will" presumption is legal in most cases, it is not always the right or wise thing to do.
    Author: Thomas J. Cathey, EdD

  • How to Motivate School Staff 12.1

    Administrators and staff must experience a reckless abondonment of self to love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength.
    Author: Cheryl J. Washington

  • Making Working Memory Work in the Classroom 11.4

    Psychologists use the term working memory to refer to the ability we have to hold and manipulate informaiton in our mind over short periods.
    Author: Tracy Packiam Alloway

  • Crisis Management in Christian Schools 11.4

    In order to be effective, emergency plans must be comprehensive in scope but simple in implementation.
    Author: Jonathan Nazigian

  • Developing and Following a Professional Development Plan 11.3

    When designing an individual professional development plan, it is vital to partner with a professional community. This partnership enables us to collaborate and to nurture and sustain clearly defined goals.
    Author: Sandra Trinca

  • Ten Tests of a Christian School: British Parents Speak Out 11.4

    Biblical principles should be applied in such a way that they are learned and absorbed, being part of the fabric of everyday school life.
    Author: British Parents

  • How to Motivate Parents 12.1

    Expanding the discipleship and service opportunities in our schools serves the dual purpose of more effectively fulfilling our missions for our students while at the same time deepening the commitments of our parents to Christian schooling
    Author: Michael M. Sligh

Displaying 81 to 90 of 229 records.
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