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  • Please Grow Up! 11.3

    Our journey into professional maturity and excellence is our journey of transformation into His likeness.
    Author: Linda Montgomery Buell

  • Imagine 11.4

    Christian schools are right to be concerned about the impact of continuously rising tuition. But unless schools build the right kind of strong, sustainable financial base, they won't be able to make any real reductions in tution rates without putting themselves at greater financial risk.
    Author: Alan Pue, EdD

  • English as a Second Language: What Challenges Arise for Students? 11.4

    Preserving their national identity, langauge, and culture gives children a feeling of personal worth and self-esteem.
    Author: Carola Keil

  • Proving Worthy of Financial Trust 11.4

    Compared against data from prior years, annual financial statements help parents understand how tuition payments and fund-raising activities keep your school financially viable.
    Author: Bret Wichert

  • Formative to Flourishing Framework 20.1

    Many Christian school leaders have seen legalistic climates where emphasis is placed on external conformity to rules. Conformity to adult expectations - especially when the adults are watching - can become a game, masking hearts that are far from Christ.
    Author: Stephen Dill

  • Bible Delivery 20.1

    Through spiritual formation, God continues His lifelong transformation of the whole person into Christlikeness by the powerful work of the Holy Spirit.
    Author: Don Furuto

  • From Student to Teacher 20.1

    Benefiting from the impact of godly men and women solidified my desire to work with young people at such a formative age.
    Author: Mike Skaer

  • Legal Legislative 20.1

    The new final rule will become effective on December 1, 2016. The federal Fair Labor and Standards Act, commonly referred to as the FLSA (29 USC § 201 et seq.), establishes the federal minimum wage and a 40-hour workweek with time-and-a-half pay for overtime work for employees.
    Author: Legal Legislative Department

  • Educating and Ministering to International Students: NCC Best Practices 11.2

    Effective ministry to international students requires a mission focus; otherwise, a disservice occurs. NCC purposes to include international students in a quality educational experience and to introduce Jesus Christ to those who have not met Him while encouraging spiritual growth in those who have
    Author: Clare Lebold

  • The Dangers of Being a Friend: Risks of Social Networking 11.3

    Research on effective teaching indicates that there needs to be an appropriiate, professional distance between teachers and students.
    Author: Erin Wilcox

Displaying 91 to 100 of 229 records.
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