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  • Legal Legislative Alert!

    New announcement about the joint guidance on transgender students, and final ruling on regulations defining and delimiting the exemption for executive, administrative, and professional employees

  • 38.1 Appropriately Engaged, or Playing Helicopter?

    Appropriately Engaged or Playing Helicopter? As you begin this new school year, I would like to challenge you to be an engaged parent in the Christian schooling of your student(s)- engaged, as in productively supporting the formal education process of your children. I was intrigued to discover onlin
    Author: Ken Smitherman

  • Annual School Board Member Affirmation Statement Members Only Content

    An annual affirmation of commitment to the school and expected responsibilities as a board member.
    Author: ACSI

  • Why the "MeanTime?" 1.1 MT

    Inaugural Issue of The Meantime

  • Educating A More Effective Way 7.3 MT

    Cognitive Testing-Gibson Cognitive Skills Test

  • 44.6 Spiritual Formation in an Age of Entitlement

    During a discussion with Josh McDowell a few years ago about unbiblical values, he proposed a provocative idea for an elective course for Christian schools. What if we taught students to identify the top 10 cultural lies being taught by American culture and then equipped students with the skills to
    Author: Daniel J. Egeler

  • 3.2 Leadership MATTERS

    In this issue: Ten Practices of Effective Boards, Mission Directed: Governing Your Christian School with Purpose, “Leadership GRIT: What New Research Reveals”, How PLCs Do Data Right” A review of each book or article available now!
    Author: Derek Keenan, EdD, Steve Dill, Ken Coley, EdD

  • Innovative Practices

    September 2015 Posting Searching for Effective Practices from our Mid-America schools... I've had the good fortune of visiting some 350+ schools in the past two years, and I've witnessed some innovative practices that I am hoping may be shared with others in our region and beyond. I am desiring to

  • Responsibilities and Duties of a Director of a Nonprofit Organization Members Only Content

    Questions that should be asked by directors in determining the scope of their responsibilities and how these responsibilities should be fulfilled?
    Author: Lisa Runquist

  • Strength Today, Bright Hope Tomorrow 4.2 MT   

    HOPE! God has always given his people HOPE in times of great distress and disillusionment.

Displaying 11 to 20 of 115 records.
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