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  • 47.4 World-class: Desirable or Dangerous?

    A kingdom-class school transforms the lives of its students and glorifies God through its commitment to excellence. A kingdom-class education includes the quality measures that constitute a world-class program, but deepens them to include a biblical worldview.
    Author: Dr. Barrett Mosbacker

  • The Dream Volume 3.2 MT

    The Dream: Discover the venues where progress is being made, where we are falling short and how to make the dream a reality.

  • CEE 11.2 Faith Assessment Members Only Content

    The chart on the next page offers a synthesis of preliminary benchmarks in the area of learning/thinking (knowledge), actions/doing (behavior), and valuing/feeling (disposition).
    Author: Debby Carter

  • 42.9 Better Education For Less Money

    Special Edition: Better Education for Less Money! On March 30, the House approved, by a vote of 225-195, bill HR 471 to reauthorize the Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) for students in the District of Columbia. I travel to DC often in my role as a board member for the Council for American Priva
    Author: Brian S. Simmons

  • 42.6 New Year Challenge

    My challenge for you in this New Year is a simple one. Let's spend regular time in the Word of God in this coming year.
    Author: Brian S. Simmons

  • Best Practices for Closing Achievement Gap 4.3 MT

    A road map to assist low performing students in a rigorous curriculum.

  • Economics of School Choice 5.1 MT

    Taking a closer look at factors used to justify low school performance.

  • Interaction and Communication with Students Members Only Content

    Sample Policy Interaction and Communication with Students Reprinted with permission from Fisher &amp; Phillips LLP As employees of an educational institution, you are held to a higher standard by parents, students, colleagues, and members of the public. We support and endorse a strict policy of re

  • 47.5 Pursuing an Excellent Education

    As the parent of a school-age child, what should you look for in a school? In this conclusion of a two-part series on world-class Christian education, Dr. Barrett Mosbacker, head of Briarwood Christian School (Birmingham, Alabama), presents some excellent ideas on what to expect from a quality Chris
    Author: Dan Egeler, Dr. Barrett Mosbacker,

  • Should Your Christian School Enroll the Child of a Same-Sex Couple Members Only Content

    Should Your Christian School Enroll the Child of a Same-Sex Couple?By Ken Coley &nbsp; &nbsp; Swimmers are warned about the twin dangers of powerful waves and the counter sweep of strong undertow. When one ignores these warnings and ventures out into treacherous surf without sufficient preparation,

Displaying 51 to 60 of 122 records.
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