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  • Alabama

    Alabama Accountability Act of 2013 Parent-Taxpayer Refundable Tax CreditsAlabama provides a tax credit or rebate to parents who transfer their children enrolled in or assigned to a failing public school to a non-failing public or private school. TAX CREDIT VALUE Parents receive a tax credit worth th

  • TerraNova 3, ACSI Edition’s data helps you improve student achievement

    TerraNova 3 data offers practical classroom application; here’s how.

  • ACSI Position on Common Core Standards Members Only Content

    Position Statement on the Common Core State Standards Initiative
    Author: ACSI

  • The Doctor/Teacher 8.1 MT 

    Teacher's Learning to Diagnose Students' Struggles to Improve Outcomes.

  • Doing Justice: The Micah Mandate 2.2 MT

    Benefits and qualities of a just education.

  • The Means of an Education 2.1 MT

    Equitable education; review of the legislation regarding school choice.
    Author: Dr. Vernard Gant

  • The Role of Athletic Directors in Operating a Safe K–12 Athletic Program Members Only Content

    Athletic programs are particularly vulnerable to lawsuits because students are involved in high-risk activities. While all sports involve higher risks of injury for students than they would otherwise face in their normal academic settings, some sports clearly have more risk of injury than others.
    Author: Ralph D. Mawdsley and Charles J. Russo

  • 47.2 Is the Grass Always Greener?

    A pervasive and damaging message in Western culture is that newer is better. When your vehicle has lost its new-car scent, you’d better upgrade; if your church doesn’t meet your needs, switch to the one across town. This mentality can also affect our view of our children’s education. I’ve invited Mi
    Author: Dan Egeler, Michael W. Allen

  • 43.2 Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

    Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing As part of our recent Nexus Live event in Elgin, IL, I had the opportunity to interview founder and president emeritus of ACSI, Dr. Paul Kienel. At the conclusion of our interview (which will soon be available on Nexus virtual) I asked Paul to share from his hea
    Author: Brian S. Simmons

  • Parents & Families

    Audience &nbsp;content Parents &amp; Families Find a School To find an ACSI school in your area, use our Find a School feature! Like Us on Facebook Visit us on Facebook and see what's happening in the ACSI family! Like Us Today! &nbsp;Purposeful Design Publications The publishing branch of ACSI

Displaying 71 to 80 of 115 records.
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