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  • The Brain and Early Childhood, Part Three Members Only Content Cost Involved

    Part Three features learning experiences that are aligned with a framework for effective instructional practice that provides: active, meaningful learning; stimulating, varied input; accurate, timely feedback, and a safe, non-threatening environment.

  • Restorative Practices-3 Members Only Content Cost Involved

    Participants will learn about: basic concepts of restorative practices; a step-by-step overview of the IIRP's Safer Saner Schools two-year implementation program; case studies of schools that have implemented restorative practices; extensive research data on restorative practices and its impact on s

  • Brochure for Early Education Conference in La Mirada, CA

  • CEE 9.3 Doing Math in the Block Center Members Only Content

    How to use blocks effectively in your preschool classroom
    Author: Joyce Eady Myers

  • Weathering Turbulent Times: Why Tough Times Can Be the Right Times for Your School to Raise Funds Members Only Content Cost Involved

    Many school leaders are in a quandary about how to lead their schools during these difficult economic times. Though the economy is negatively impacting jobs, income and investments for their constituencies and incoming funds are tight, the needs they have before them do not just go away. Strong endo

  • The Brain and Mathematics: Classroom Applications Members Only Content Cost Involved

    Use this video to show how new knowledge about the brain can be used in the classroom to help students develop their natural number sense and overall understanding of and ability to use math. It also aims to help teachers engage students in math lessons and improve their understanding and recall of

  • EE Live Webinar June 17, 2015 Event

    "We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power and the wonders he has done, then they will put their trust in God."&nbsp; Psalm 78:4.&nbsp; How do we put this call from God into action in our classrooms?&nbsp; Let's go beyond Bible Stories and Chapel Time to draw lit

  • Spiritual Formation Assessment

    "There is always a risk in attempting to assess spiritual growth in students, or the spiritual climate of a school, because of our human limitations in truly seeing into the hearts of students. Although only God looks into the human heart perfectly, since spiritual maturity is our deepest desire for
    Author: Dr. Stephen P. Dill

  • Safety Practices Checklist Members Only Content

    A sample&nbsp;Safety Practices Checklist

  • Downloadable Holiday Program Covers - Winter 2 Members Only Content

    Downloadable Holiday Program Covers - Winter 2

Displaying 81 to 90 of 5367 records.
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