Steps on the Journey Toward Accreditation

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Steps on the Journey Toward Accreditation

Parkhill Christian Academy is a small school with a long history in the Pueblo, Colorado community. The Academy opened in 1975 and since has passionately discipled over 450 students.

One of the core mission goals guiding the school is a commitment to instilling a Christian worldview in students so that each one has the opportunity to succeed through a principled life in harmony with God.

Principal Doug Cox shared that teachers who serve at Parkhill do so because they feel they have a call from God. “We recruit innovative and creative teachers,” he said. “While possessing normal educational credentials, they are also required to help young people mature in Christ.”

In 2013, Cox and others on the leadership team met and decided that the school could benefit from a program to assess and strengthen the school culture. After several attempts to do their own research, Cox acknowledged, “We discovered ACSI’s Star Program and later Steps to School Improvement Program toward accreditation and determined it was the right fit.”

Going at their own pace through the STEPs guided indicators, the school has been able to assess areas of strength and opportunities for growth over a period of three years.

“The best help has come from the integrated indicators which express our philosophy in both policy and procedure,” Cox shared.

The ACSI STEPs Program is designed for schools like Parkhill Christian Academy that would like to pursue accreditation through ACSI but at a more gradual pace. The program provides participants with resources and a cohort of peers for support throughout the process.

Several years into the STEPS Program, Parkhill Christian reported that it has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the school community.

“STEPS has provided a strong platform for the development and assessment of our school,” Cox said. “Although we are not yet finished with the accreditation, parents have noticed the improvements and are citing this as a reason to consider the academy.”

To learn more about the STEPs Program and how it is truly Advancing Christian education, visit the ACSI website. To learn more about Parkhill Christian Academy, visit their website.