Students in India Soar Because of Christian Education

Christina Wright

We believe that it's a privilege God has given us to serve our community through Christian education. Out of the many families our school impacted, may we share information about one family. They were a nuclear family, Husband, wife and 3 children. Their means of income was meagre and were struggling to make ends meet when they approached us regarding schooling for their three children.

In addition to offering a percentage of scholarship to their third child, our teachers with their Christ-like attitude focused on improving their literary and arithmetic skills. God bless efforts and all the 3 children graduated from our school, pursued further studies and went onto become responsible family members and good citizens of our Country. To mention, the elder one became an associate pastor, second child became a paramedical professional, and their child completed his masters in business administration.

Thank you for allowing us to share this story. And we appreciate your initiative to equip and strengthen Christian schools across the globe.

Holy Trinity High School
Hyderabad, Telangana,

Our school is located in a community where the average daily income of the families living there is much below the national Index.

God has been gracious to bless us with a own building, which helps us in reaching out to students who are below the poverty line. Our work in empowering students in this area has been fulfilling. We've had our students fare well in academics and sports in district and state levels.

One such student was a son of an evangelist, whose income was very less. We supported his family in academics by having them pay a nominal tuition fee. The student took very good use of this opportunity and completed his secondary education in our school. And, he went on to become a Colonel ranked officer in Indian Navy. It's our pride that our alumni has its presence in IT sector, medical, service and Engineering streams.
Thank you for standing with Christian schools like ours who have been sacrificially and relentlessly serving the nation.

Bhaga's High School
Hyderabad, Telangana
Students in India

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