FACTS-ACSI Platinum Partner

Help families manage costs, while improving your school's financial stability.

FACTS has served ACSI schools for years, assisting them with tuition management and financial aid assessment services. Now with RenWeb, FACTS also provides powerful school administration software and the most integrated financial and school management solution available.

FACTS helps hundreds of ACSI schools...

  • Securely collect tuition and fee payments to maintain cash flow needs and payroll dates
  • Offer multiple convenient payment options for families, including mobile payments, ACH and card payments, and monthly invoices
  • Stay in control with a powerful, interactive administrator dashboard
  • Bill for incidental fees such as athletics, lunch, field trips and after-school care
  • Accept prepayments for expected expenses throughout the year
  • Simplify bookkeeping by providing a journal entry report that can be posted to your school's accounting solution

RenWeb's powerful, integrated solution connects administration, the classroom, and the home. The unparalleled school information management system offers a fully integrated, seamless experience that requires no data uploads or syncing. In addition, RenWeb schools enjoy mobile accessibility for students, parents, and teachers; turn-key data conversion and system setup; unlimited free training; and unlimited live customer support via phone and online chat. With the robust FACTS + RenWeb product suite, schools receive comprehensively integrated financial and school management solutions that include actively managed payment plans, financial aid assessment services, integrated online admissions and re-enrollment products, and a native learning management system.

For more information on RenWeb, contact them through their website ( www.renweb.com) or by calling 866.800.6593.

Together, FACTS and RenWeb serve 12,700 schools and over three million families. For more information, visit the FACTS website ( www.FACTSmgt.com) or call 866.412.4637.