Student Activities

SA Art Icon-Deep BlueDesigned to encourage fine art education, promote creativity and expression, and glorify Jesus Christ using artistic talent and personal expression, ACSI’s art events provide an opportunity to recognize and exhibit outstanding student artwork.

There are two levels of Art Festival events available for schools to participate in: Elementary Art Festival (Grades K-6) and Secondary Art Festival (Grades 6-12). The Secondary Art Festival features specific categories and criteria to raise the level of expectation for students in grades 6-12. A school may enter a maximum of 20 entries in the Art Festival (Grades K-6) and a maximum of 24 entries in the Art Festival (Grades 6-12).

Art Festivals will be offered as both in-person and virtual events in 2022-23. In-person Art Festivals are hosted by ACSI member schools; dates vary. Virtual Art Festivals are facilitated through our Student Activities E-vents platform online and the Submissions Deadline for all virtual student entries is March 3, 2023.

Elementary Art Festival (Grades K-6)

Grades K-6 Categories

This is not an exhaustive list; any medium will be accepted provided it fulfills all project requirements.

Paintingacrylics, airbrush, oil, tempura, watercolor
Drawingchalk, charcoal, ink, pencil, markers, pastels
Printmakingrelief, rubbings, silk screen, sponge, stamping, stenciling
Calligraphyabstract patterns/designs, architectural/commercial designs, hand lettering
Sculptureceramics, clay, metal, paper-mache, plaster, stone, wood
Fabric Artcloth mosaic/collage, embroidery, fabric painting, quilting
Fiber Artknitting, crochet, weaving, macrame, lace making, stitchery, fiber sculpture
Paper Artdiorama, origami, paper mosaic/collage, art journaling
Potterywheel-thrown or handmade
Mixed Mediaa combination of two or more categories
Miscellaneous Artbasketry, jewelry, recycled art, etc. 

Secondary Art Festival (Grades 6-12)

Entries will be submitted in the category that best fits the intention of the art work and then in the section that describes the specific form. 

Grades 6-12 Categories


Category Sections


Abstraction1. 3-Dimensional
2. Mixed Media
3. Pure Media
Art Objects1. Invented Objects
2. Traditional Objects
3. Wearable Art
Assembled Art1. Assemblages
2. Assembled Digital Images
3. Collage
Commercial Design and
Visual Order
1. Advertising/Editorial Images
2. Graphic Novels/Comics
3. Layout & Typography
4. Production
Image Capture1. Films & Shorts
2. Image Manipulation
3. Stills
Narratives and Storytelling1. 3-Dimensional
2. Mixed Media
3. Pure Media
Nature and Observation1. 3-Dimensional
2. Mixed Media
3. Pure Media
Non-Representational1. 3-Dimensional
2. Mixed Media
3. Pure Media
Senior Portfolio

Submission of Entries

Entries must be . . .

In Good Taste – must not display or promote persons or ideas whose positions or work is in conflict with the Word of God or is dramatically inconsistent with Christian life and conduct. This festival is open to very young students, so pieces that can be frightening should not be selected as appropriate for this festival.

  • Original – original compositions that are not copied from teachers’ sample projects or published material such as professional paintings, Pinterest ideas, stock photography or any published photo, prepackaged models or kits, magazines, illustrations, animated characters, or anyone else’s work. If a student uses someone else’s work as resource material, the resulting entry must be so unique that it creates a totally new piece of art.
  • Current – completed during the current school year under the supervision of the teacher/art instructor and without any outside assistance.
  • Quality –  choose only the most excellent works as determined by your in-school art festival or selection process.
    Every entry must be captured for digital submission in multiple photographs. 2D works will require a photograph of the entire image plus a close-up image. 3D works will require 4 photographs with one including a ruler for scale. Details such as size and media will also be submitted to further help the adjudicators understand the complexity of each entry.

Adjudication & Awards

Each participating school will be asked to submit names and contact information for judges who would be qualified and willing to serve as adjudicators. The number of required judges will be determined by your event chairperson based on the number of estimated entries.

Entries are adjudicated based on a rubric rather than in direct comparison to other works. Superior, excellent, and good scores are awarded with ribbons. Usually a Best of Show is also recognized.

Registration & Fees

  • School Registration Fee: $70 per event by October 14, 2022 ($90 after deadline)
  • Student Participation Fee: $10 per entry by deadline (varies) ($15 after deadline)

For additional information, please contact a Student Activities team member.