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ACSI Student Activities has partnered with Grand Canyon University to provide STEM competitions for students in grades 7-12 at Christian schools across the United States and internationally, and hope that your school will consider being a part of these groundbreaking events during the 2022-23 school year! We understand that some schools already have extensive STEM programs, while for others, an event like this would be completely new. No matter what your experience, the event challenges are designed for anyone who wants to be involved, and our teams are here to help and guide you through the competition process.


Divisional STEM Competitions

Three (3) teams per school per challenge are eligible to compete at the Divisional Christian STEM Competitions (the number of students per team varies per challenge).

New STEM Challenges* coming soon! 

*Complete challenge details will be included in the 2022-23 Coordinator Handbook; available to schools once registered to participate in the Divisional Christian STEM Competition.

Adjudication & Awards

Awards will be given to the top three places in each STEM challenge. Teams who are awarded 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in their STEM challenge at the Divisional Christian STEM Competitions will qualify to attend the International Christian STEM Competition (ICSC) at Grand Canyon University (date TBD). 4th and 5th place teams may be invited to participate if a team in the top 3 is unable to attend the International event.

Registration & Fees

  • School Registration Fee: $70 by October 14, 2022 ($90 after deadline)
  • Divisional Student Participation Fee: $15 per student

For additional information, please review the Divisional Christian STEM Competition FAQ (2023 version coming soon) or contact a Student Activities team member.


International Christian STEM Competition (ICSC)

The top three (3) teams in each challenge from every Divisional Christian STEM Competition are eligible to compete at the International Christian STEM Competition. The 2023 ICSC will take place at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ (date TDB).

Check out the following article to learn more about the inaugural ICSC at Grand Canyon University in April 2022: 2022 ICSC Recap Article

Adjudication & Awards

Awards will be given to the top three places in each STEM challenge. 

Registration & Fees

  • ICSC Participation Fee: $25 per person (students and adults)


To engage with other Christian STEM educators, introduce yourself and join the STEM Collaboration group in the ACSI Community online!

STEM Collaboration

For additional information, please contact a Student Activities team member.