Visiting Team Accreditation Documents

PLEASE NOTE: In order for these documents to work correctly, please save the blank document to your desktop BEFORE you start working on them. Once you have saved the blank document you will be able to fill it, re-save it, and all work will be there when you open it. Since you will be submitting these as attached files via e-mail, please check that they are filled out and saved correctly before sending. The password for any of these documents, if needed, is "ACSI". 

REACH Revisions (For accreditation visits occurring fall 2019 or later). 

The Office of Academic Services has updated the REACH Indicators and Rubrics.  We collected input and feedback throughout the spring from regional staff, accreditation commissions, chairs, and teams.  The final version was approved by the ACSI Commission on Accreditation and the ACSI Board in July.  

There were no changes in the standards.  Most differences will be evident in wording changes to indicators and rubrics.  The new version will be available for schools working on their self-studies fall of 2018 and they will come into effect fall of 2019. Teams and chairs can access the revised Standards Manual and Rubrics Manual here: REACH Revisions.  (The remainder of the team visit forms will see minimal, if any, changes.)


REACH Standards Manual (5/15/19)

REACH Rubrics Manual (5/15/19)

REACH Standards and Indicators Checklist (5/15/19)

REACH EE Evidence Guide (5/15/19)

REACH Accreditation by School Progress (ASP) Manual

Chair and Team Member Handbook (7/1/19)

Pre-Visit Documents

Candidacy Status Visit Report template  (2/5/19 - updated for REACH 2019) to be submitted with the Standards and Indicators Checklist

Verification for Team Visit Readiness Checklist (5/29/19)

Team Member Application Form (5/29/19)

Values and Ethics Statement for Team Members (5/29/19)

Accreditation Section Assignment form—Team Chair (5/29/19)

Visit Documents

Team Indicator Ratings Spreadsheet for EE-12 Teams (5/15/19)

Team Indicator Ratings Spreadsheet for K-12 Teams (5/15/19)

Team Indicator Ratings Spreadsheet for International Schools (5/15/19)

Team Indicator Ratings Spreadsheet for EE only Teams (5/15/19)

Individual Team Member Ratings Spreadsheet (5/15/19)

Classroom Observation Tool for Accreditation (COTA) -Online version for team visit use. Form allows you to submit online and you will receive a copy of your submission by e-mail.

Classroom Observation Tool for Accreditation (COTA) - Spreadsheet format for personal use. You may print or save only. This form cannot be submitted online. 

Action Verbs List  (for writing recommendations) (5/29/19)

Ballot for Accreditation (5/30/19)

Exit Report PowerPoint Template (10/8/19)

Expense Report for Team Members (5/29/19)

One-Day or Mid-Term Visit Report Template (8/1/18)

ePlatform Documents

Team Report Template for ePlatform (instructions for typing in WORD before copying to the ePlatform)

Formatting a Team Report 

Quick Reference Guide for ePlatform (9/21/2016)

"Sample Christian School" Team Visit Report (12/2019)

Post-Visit Documents

Evaluation of Chair by Team Members (5/29/19)

Evaluation of Team Members by Chair (5/29/19)

Evaluation Document Team/Chair - Online (each of the above forms can be completed online vis this link)

Please note: These and all REACH documents are the property of ACSI. ACSI grants permission for the use of these documents, in their published form, by ACSI member schools, and other Christian schools, for the purpose of ACSI accreditation and individual school improvement. These documents may not be incorporated into other accreditation instruments or used for personal or corporate gain. ACSI reserves the right to revoke permission of use at its discretion.