TerraNova 3, ACSI Edition works!

Woman in classroom

Christian Academy of Madison, a K4–12 school serving 150 students in Madison, Indiana, has been using TerraNova 3 in grades K–2 for the last several years and have found it helpful on a number of levels.

"We've been able to use the data for intervention purposes," Anna Gossman, administrator of the school, says. "It helps identify where intervention is necessary and show who's eligible for services."

Because of Christian Academy of Madison's small size, TerraNova 3 enhances differentiated instruction, helping teachers identify student levels within their classrooms. This allows them to pinpoint excelling or struggling students in certain areas and adjust their teaching strategies accordingly. They're also able to share data with parents at parent/teacher conferences.

The webinars helped Anna make the most of the TerraNova 3 assessment tool. "It was great to do it on my time and schedule," she says. "And while teachers didn't have time to watch the webinars, the information was very easy for me to communicate to them."

TerraNova 3 impacts schools outside the U.S as well. It's been in use at Bangkok Christian International School in Thailand for several years.

"TerraNova 3 is very well constructed," says Principal David Maskel. "The feedback we get from the online scoring systems and the information gleaned from the wide variety of reports...enable us to see how our students compare with the average student taking this same assessment worldwide."

In addition, Anna and David agree that the bar code labels save significant time and effort as tests are prepared, organized, and distributed.

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