Membership still strengthens longtime member schools


ACSI membership is part of Aurora Christian Schools' DNA. In 1978, just three years after they were established, they became a founding member of ACSI.

"As our founders worked to establish a fledgling Christian school in the mid-1970s, ACSI connected us with other Christian school pioneers to help guide us through challenges like implementing curriculum, teacher training, and legal direction," says current Superintendent Collette House.

That support continues to this day, particularly through accreditation. According to Collette, "Accountability, self-review, and continuous improvement are direct benefits of the process of achieving and maintaining accreditation."

Steve Adams of Park Avenue Christian Academy, a longtime member school in Titusville, Florida, has found great value in ConNEXUS Premium. "Before we started using ConNEXUS Premium, it was much more difficult for teachers to get their needed CEUs. Now, teachers can do it on their own time and when it's convenient for them. I can assign CEUs for them. It's a very easy thing to do."

Steve also appreciates the relationships he's developed with his ACSI regional office. "They're always available to answer questions. And they provide helpful trainings—from preparing for accreditation to board training."

Bruce Johnson has served at Redwood Christian Schools for more than 40 years, just a little longer than the school has been an ACSI member. For him, a key aspect of membership is "the strength we get from being together. We can share our mistakes. We can share our wins. We experience the prayer support of others." When enrollment fell at Redwood, fellow member schools helped the school adjust and encouraged them. And when they faced legal hurdles, ACSI's legal and legislative team, along with a fellow member who'd faced a similar situation, helped them navigate the difficulties.

"We have Christ and we have each other," Bruce says. "We're stronger together than we are alone."

Be sure to share these experiences with your team and learn more about how membership will continue to make your school stronger.