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ConNEXUS is professional development at your fingertips. On it, you'll find groups of like-minded peers focused on areas of expertise or educational interest. These groups are places to discuss, ask questions, share resources, or offer advice.

Brian Hazeltine head of school at Algoma Christian School in Kent City, Michigan, considers ConNEXUS a lifeline. "When you're leading a school, you have no peer in your organization who understands the issues you're facing and the implications of the decisions you have to make. ConNEXUS connects you with godly, experienced people who understand where you're at and the situations you face."

Aurora Christian Schools' art teacher Grahame Wilkin calls ConNEXUS a "family of learners." He uses it to share the lessons he's teaching and the work his students create. That's led to connection with other art teachers as they seek his advice on how to approach a certain project. He also uses ConNEXUS to glean knowledge he can implement in his classroom. "You can learn from people with doctoral degrees who have been there...Why wouldn't you take advantage of that?"

Robin Wiese concurs. As the media specialist at Young Americans Christian School in Conyers, Georgia, she's gathered helpful information while leading and participating in groups that discuss books, reading, libraries, and activities like spelling bees and creative writing festivals. A staff member independent of a specific department at her school, she's enjoyed connecting with other media specialists. "It's so easy. You can start slowly, making connections one email or one response at a time."

Every member of ACSI is automatically a member of ConNEXUS; you have the freedom to decide how much and how often to participate. Check out everything the ConNEXUS community has to offer you.