Improve Student Achievement

Teachers Collaborating on Computer

When your school uses Terra Nova 3, you're automatically connected to the ACSI Data Online portal. This web-based system gives administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers the information they need to improve student performance.

The data gives you a customized, in-depth look at your students' comparison (to other groups of students—ACSI and national), growth, and performance. You're then able to identify which percentage of your students are at High, Moderate, or Low Mastery.

  • Low Mastery: requires intervention
  • Moderate Mastery: reteach or review the material as needed
  • High Mastery: students are on track  

You can also view your data in other ways:

  • By groups: grade level, cohort, longitudinal, class level. This gives you insight into where each group is generally strong and where improvement is needed.
  • By individual student: mainstream, at-risk, ELL, etc. This view helps you see each student's mastery level.  

From there, you can come together with your teaching staff to set goals and plan instruction based on those goals. For example: ELL students will improve by 10% for Writing Strategies or Sally will move from moderate mastery to high mastery in Oral Comprehension.

ACSI Data Online provides teaching activities and other materials to help you achieve these goals—making your school and your students stronger.

This is just a sampling of the data you'll receive from your TerraNova 3 results. There's much more available to you. We offer a host of resources, including an online demo, video library, and professional development support to explain it all, guide you through the data, and teach you how to use it.

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