ACSI's 2016 Professional Development Forum

ACSI’s PD Forum 2016

You and your staff are invited to join Christian education colleagues at the ACSI Professional Development (PD) Forum 2016, offered at more than 20 sites across the U.S. from September to November. This forum provides your educators with opportunities to hear live speakers, experience collaborative workshops, and network with other teachers.

These events are designed with your educators in mind, from specialized topics to practical strategies—all with a commitment to biblical integration.

They'll include:  

Poster sessions: This new PD Forum offering will allow your educators to learn from peers presenting innovative educational research projects in an interactive gallery format.  

Breakout sessions: These 75-minute sessions are designed so attendees with different learning styles can get the most out of content and have the chance to participate through active learning and peer engagement. Educators can choose from a variety of topics driven by regional member input or attend alternate tracks that best fit their needs.   

Speaker and peer interaction: The majority of speakers will present live at your site, and the forum schedule is structured with dedicated time for educators to connect and share ideas.   

Practical help for the classroom: You can be confident that the PD Forum will be a worthwhile investment of your team's time. Content is selected based on its ability to give your educators strategies and tools they can apply quickly and effectively.  

ACSI's PD Forum 2016 will help teachers at every grade level grow as educators, making your school stronger as a result. Save the date to attend at a site near you!