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You teach, but do your students learn?

You engage your students, but do they understand? You plan a lesson, but do your students leave your classroom with the concept?

Planning a lesson to deliver facts is relatively easy; planning a lesson that develops understanding can be challenging. Enter Understanding by Design, a framework that offers a structured process for planning that guides curriculum, assessment, and instruction. Understanding by Design (UbD) provides a means to see the textbook as a resource and class time as a space with clear purpose and priorities for student learning.

UbD is the result of years of experience and research by two well-known educators and authors, Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins. McTighe will delve into the concepts of UbD with ACSI educators at the fall ACSI Professional Development Forums. As a keynote speaker and workshop presenter, he will help you learn to engage students' understanding and thinking skills.

Building on the rich experiences gained through his career in education, McTighe brings knowledge, research, and hands-on experience together in his work to advance student learning. He devotes much of his time to developing instructional strategies, curriculum models, and assessment strategies that encourage and advance student thinking.

Why is UbD effective? It's a framework for effective curriculum planning that harkens to the concepts of reverse engineering: start where you want to end. UbD will take you through a design process that starts with the end-the desired results; what students will know and understand. From the end, the process moves backward through the evidences of learning to the learning plan. By incorporating assessment and a means to measure what understanding looks like, this framework provides you with the tools to be successful in truly educating your students-but it doesn't prescribe a rigid process.

So where do you want students to end up when class is over-through instruction and a curriculum that engages them to understand, think, and apply what they have learned? Take the first step toward achieving that end by planning to attend an ACSI Professional Development Forum near you! Registration for the ACSI Professional Development Forums opens in May, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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