Two Ways to Save on Textbooks: Spring Forward for Fall 2016

Teacher and Student

If you're looking for a way to get ahead for the 2016-2017 school year, you've come to the right place. 

Purposeful Design Publication's (PDP) annual Spring Forward campaign, running through June 30, offers two options to help your school get the materials you need:

  • 50% off your shipping costs for your textbook order: schools may pay by credit card or be invoiced with 30-day terms.   


  • Deferred payment for your textbook order: payment for your PDP order won't be due until September 1, 2016.  

It's important for you to think through which choice is the best fit for your school. Half-off shipping might appeal to a larger school looking at a $1,500 shipping cost, and deferred payment could help a school waiting to receive next school year's tuition fees before making purchases. Whether your school is large or small, Spring Forward's benefits can make planning for the year ahead a little simpler.  

An additional benefit of the Spring Forward campaign is that you can take advantage of 2015-2016 prices before the 2016-2017 increase (effective July 1, 2016). That means you'll be getting books for next year at this year's lower price. And ordering your books early allows you to receive, inventory, and distribute them to classes ahead of the start of school, saving you time (and stress!) when August rolls around.  

And remember, your school receives year-round benefits from PDP with your ACSI membership:  

  • Free review copies of textbooks to consider for possible adoption at your school: 60-day return policy for teacher editions (or choose to purchase) and student editions to keep.  
  • Free teacher editions for every set of 10 student books purchased.  

PDP brings together best-in-class instruction and assessment resources with a Christian worldview to develop your students' minds and hearts. While PDP is committed to strengthening your school through excellent resources, the ultimate goal remains to develop students who thirst for God and understand His world. Spring Forward 2016 is one more way PDP can get the tools in your hands to help you do that.  

Don't miss this great opportunity to equip your school for the year ahead. Order by June 30 and save!