Take Care of Your School Family with ACSI’s Corporate Partnerships


Your role as a head of school involves more than making sure quality instruction takes place—it also means acting as a caretaker of your school family. But you don't have to manage all those needs alone. ACSI has established carefully vetted relationships with other organizations—our Corporate Partners—to help you provide the care you need for your staff and school.

"When I was a school administrator, I knew I couldn't pay my teachers the largest salaries," says David Ray, ACSI assistant vice president. "But we wanted to do what we could to provide some benefits to serve them and their families." We're highlighting three of our six Corporate Partners here to help you do just that.  

Each of these partners supports the vision of Christian education, understands the needs of ACSI member schools, and offers competitively priced services and benefits that serve your staff and students and make your school stronger:

Liability insurance and risk management

Church Mutual offers programs to protect your school in case of injury, property damage, fire, or other accidents.   

Risk management helps you examine your facilities and activities to ensure compliance with safety standards. With careful but relatively small effort, Church Mutual's checklist helps you identify potential issues that can be easily missed, such as making sure you have mats under doorways and water fountains, clear hallways, and safe playground equipment. These services help shelter your school from potential lawsuits or the financial responsibility for a staff member's or student's medical bills resulting from an accident on school property. (If your school experiences limited or no accidents during the course of the year, you can often receive a rebate of several thousand dollars back on your premium.)  

One school experienced Church Mutual's commitment to quickly process claims and help schools recover from damage. After the church in which the school is located caught fire, Church Mutual facilitated a fast resolution to the situation and helped the school resume regular activity within a short period of time. Other schools have received rebate checks from Church Mutual due to successful risk management.  

Insurance plans for health, life, long-term, and disability, plus international student and student accident insurance

Independent School Management (ISM) provides affordable insurance plans designed specifically for your school's needs.  

In addition to insurance, ISM-FAST (Financial Aid and School Tuition) offers financial aid needs-assessment services to facilitate better financial assistance and scholarship provision to families. ISM-FAST meets the requirement of some states that financial assistance is awarded based on a third-party assessment.

ISM is currently developing different plans and health consortiums to help alleviate some of the high costs associated with insurance to give schools more options to make health benefits available. 

One school administrator shared how choosing ISM insurance had been one of the best decisions he'd made for his school. Instead of a double-digit increase in the school's health insurance plan, their ISM agent fought to get a lower rate with only a single-digit increase. The administrator was able to use the money saved to renew the school's ACSI membership.  

Retirement planning and account services

The Legend Group helps schools and staff members set up IRAs and other retirement savings plans. Unlike many similar companies, The Legend Group's services are available to schools regardless of size and are tailored to individual needs.  

While some might consider a retirement plan a non-essential "luxury" item, David sees it as an important aspect of caring for staff members. "The sooner a teacher can start looking ahead and anticipating future plans, the better," he says. "We need to look to the long-term care of teachers who have chosen to work in a ministry setting. We have the opportunity to serve and love them well by helping them prepare for retirement."  

Contact your regional director for more information about how these and other ACSI corporate and strategic partners can help you care for your school family and set up your school for success.