Connect with Your Colleagues This Fall

Teachers happily interacting

Carving out time to connect face-to-face with colleagues can be challenging—especially during the school year. But doing so at an ACSI district meeting is well worthwhile because of the encouragement, practical takeaways, and timely information you'll receive related to Christian schooling. You'll have the opportunity to attend a meeting near you this fall. If you need a little convincing, here's what a few of your colleagues said about last year's events:

  • "It was good to hear comments from other schools about how they deal with issues. I came away with several key ideas to implement. There was a good balance between information and discussion."
  • "It is true that finding time to come to these meetings is difficult-what helps is making personal contacts with other administrators. Roundtable groups and lunch help build these relationships."
  • "Today's meeting felt like the fulfillment of the 'Stronger Together' slogan. Thank you!"

The fall 2016 meetings will include brief presentations on topics related to your day-to-day challenges, followed by roundtable discussions with your peers. For example, you'll hear about preliminary findings from an ACSI-Barna Research Group survey (parents from your school may have participated in it). The study uncovered parents' and pastors' views on Christian education, and you'll discuss how this information affects Christian schools.

You'll also learn what ACSI recently discovered by researching members' professional development needs and desires, and have the opportunity to give additional feedback. Finally, you'll receive an update and resources related to the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage. 

Plan now to attend your district meeting! To find the event nearest you, visit your regional home page.