Biblical Integration Training Coming This Fall

Colleagues Interacting

As Christian educators serving in Christian schools, one key characteristic that differentiates us from our public-school peers is that we have the opportunity—and the calling—to present a biblical worldview when we teach. Doing that effectively during every lesson can prove challenging, so ACSI has made a renewed commitment to ensure that breakout sessions at every 2016 Professional Development Forum include biblical integration.

What will that look like? First, we've asked all breakout-session presenters to consider how they'll incorporate a biblical worldview into what they teach. You can expect sessions that include discussions on how a biblical worldview affects the topic at hand.

Second, you'll find breakout sessions at every Forum on teaching from a biblical worldview. Every event will be different, but the Forum in Federal Way, Washington, for example, will include a breakout titled "How to Integrate the Bible into Math Classes."

Third, this year's Forums incorporate designated time for collaboration with educators from Christian schools in your area. What better way to get practical ideas for biblical integration than to connect with people who do what you do

To find out what topics will be covered at the Forums in your region, see the July Snapshot article, "Customized Learning Coming Your Way," or contact your regional office.

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