Membership: A worthwhile investment

Teachers talking

As a new school year starts, it's a good time to ask: Is your investment in ACSI membership worthwhile? Dr. Larry Taylor, head of school for Prestonwood Christian Academy (Plano, Texas), says it is.

"I believe our ACSI membership is worth every penny!" he says. "Like every other school, we are always reviewing our budget to make sure we are being good stewards of the tuition dollars invested by our parents, and this includes all of our association memberships."

Prestonwood leaders have invested in ACSI membership since 1996 for various reasons, including:

  • the professional development opportunities
  • the up-to-date legal reviews on pertinent school related issues
  • the variety of student competitions
  • the network of brothers and sisters in Christ who share a common vision for Christian education.

"Additionally, I strongly believe that the current and future religious liberty challenges our schools face will further validate the importance of being a member of the strongest Christian school association in the world," Taylor says.

Dr. S.L. Sherrill, superintendent at North Raleigh Christian Academy in North Carolina (also a member school since 1996), believes the investment and benefits of ACSI membership are one and the same.

"Simply put, you receive what you pay for and more," he says. "Dollar for dollar, our ACSI membership investment is one of many impactful line items in our annual budget."

Sherrill gives the following reasons for this:

  • We have a network of educators through ConNEXUS that allows us to find resources and have candid conversations with our peers.
  • Annual professional development [in 2016 it's called the Professional Development Forum] brings us into contact individually through small group sessions with our peers and collectively in large group presentations by great educators and professionals.
  • Relevant and noteworthy publications, both from an educational and legislative point of view, are available.
  • Each region has a regional director who is a full-time resource to our school community, meets with each region annually, and is available by phone or email.
  • Each region has district representatives who are heads of schools like ourselves who serve voluntarily by being ears to our questions and concerns locally as well as ready hands to assist us.
  • The certification process is excellent and recognized by our states and worldwide.
  • The accreditation process is rigorous, providing both accountability and self-improvement, challenging us to academic rigor, inclusive excellence (excellence in all things), financial sustainability, and policy governance.
  • The ACSI legal team keeps up informed and up to date with the issues of the day.
  • ACSI has excellent biblically integrated textbooks.
  • Our president, Dr. Dan Egeler, has an incredible vision and a servant's heart to reach the world through kingdom education.
  • Services like fine arts events, math league, spelling bees, math olympics, student leadership conferences, geography bees, preschool conferences and resources, TerraNova 3 testing, and so forth only add to what is already a great value.

"I highly recommend and support ACSI," says Sherrill.

Can you relate to these benefitting from ACSI membership in these ways? Keep your school strong in 2016/2017 and renew your membership! You'll receive a discounted rate if you renew by September 30, so act today.