Connect with Ideas, Colleagues, and Christ: PD Forum 2016

Group of teachers

Will your classroom today achieve your vision for tomorrow? As a Christian school teacher, you're called to be confident in the Spirit's work and teach intentionally, setting transformative goals with specific strategies in place to ensure that your daily efforts lead to desired outcomes. But what are some good strategies for your classroom?

This fall you have an opportunity to explore ideas for the careful planning that teaching requires at an ACSI Professional Development Forum near you. Keynote speaker Jay McTighe, an author, educator, and creator of the program Understanding by Design, will present educational concepts that are especially pertinent to Christian education.

"Understanding by Design provides a framework that, in the hands of Christian educators, can lead your students through the learning process to become a person who reflects Christ in all facets of life," says Shannon Bomar, ACSI's professional development director. "The craft of designing curriculum, assessments, lesson plans, and activities to achieve specific learning goals is easily overlooked. Too often, textbooks are purchased and lesson plans are repeated while the status quo continues."

McTighe will present ideas during the Forum that will help you overcome the status quo. His concepts may serve as a catalyst for significant change-change that will help you align your practice with your vision. Plan now to attend a PD Forum near you  to reflect, connect with colleagues, and engage with new ideas such as those of Jay McTighe.