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In ConNEXUS Christian educators become part of a large community of other Christian educators where individuals can seek input from colleagues for solutions to the instructional challenges in their classroom. You can help your peers by sharing your expertise and personal experiences and benefit from your colleagues as they share theirs. This is informal professional development. 

Your ConNEXUS Benefits:

  • Connect with Christian educators through professional communities
  • Track earned CEUs through My VPP

ConNEXUS 2.0 features these enhancements:

  • Navigation Bar: The navigation bar was restructured to allow one- or two-click access to ACSI resources and publications regarding student activities, accreditation, events, and region-specific information.
  • My VPP: Each community user, instead of just the ConNEXUS Premium users, now has access to his or her Virtual Professional Portfolio.
  • Hot Topics: A new feature was added called ACSI Hot Topics, with direct links to the most-used resources.
  • Career Center: A new jobs board, ACSI Career Center, was launched to help ACSI schools locate prospective teachers and staff. This is now linked from ConNEXUS.
  • And many more ...

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