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The choice you make for your children's education shapes them academically, spiritually, and in their worldview and skills. At Christian schools, the faculty and staff are equipped to address each of these developing areas of a child's life. These schools take seriously the responsibility to develop children's minds, but they don't distance God from academics. They know that developing skills in young people is essential to helping them reach their God-given potential. 

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Member Testimonials
I thank God regularly for ACSI and the blessing they are to The King's Academy and to me personally. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I am thankful for ACSI!
J. Ferrante, The King's Academy

I am grateful for counsel received from qualified and internationally experienced ACSI personnel.
Vince Griffis, Cameroon

We love being a part of a bigger picture. Thank you for all you do to help with that!

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Featured Resources
46.9 Bottled Water and Christian School Education

Is Christian education just like public education? Many people see Christian schooling the same way they view bottled water: water is water, and education is education. I would answer that question with a decisive "no." For this issue of Christian School Comment I've invited Mike Allen, lead administrator of Evansville Christian School (Indiana), to share some compelling reasons why Christian education is decidedly different from public education.


Christian schools are right to be concerned about the impact of continuously rising tuition. But unless schools build the right kind of strong, sustainable financial base, they won't be able to make any real reductions in tution rates without putting themselves at greater financial risk.


Students’ lives are full of responsibilities inside and outside the classroom, along with increasing amounts of digital connection and media consumption. Day-to-day spiritual life can feel fragmented, as many young people struggle to see how Christian faith connects with their various interests and passions. In the midst of life’s demands and distractions, Christian teenagers are taught to keep God first. But how?

Upcoming Worldwide Events
PFO 2015
Jun 20, 2015 - Jul 3, 2015

An annual conference for teachers, boarding parents, administrators, and their families headed to international Christian schools

Leadership Academy 2015
Jul 9, 2015 - Jul 12, 2015

Leadership Academy provides an interactive professional development experience in which school leaders are challenged in their thinking and are given opportunities to ask questions and participate in roundtable discussions in a relaxing environment that promotes the development of next-generation leaders.

National Urban Christian Education Conference
Oct 15, 2015 - Oct 16, 2015

The Urban School Services department of ACSI is pleased to announce their partnering with the New York City Association of Christian Schools to bring you the 2015 NYC Convention: National Urban Christian Education Conference

Online Community Discussions
TN3 Grade Level Standards
We test with the TN3, but I have not been able to find grade-level standards anywhere.
We are considering implementing Chromebooks for our 8-12 next year on a 1:1 ratio. Are any other schools doing this, and can you share your pitfalls and best practices? What did you require your families to pay? How are you monitoring the usage?
New Student Testing
Does your school require new students to be tested prior to acceptance? We have historically done this, but are considering limiting it to those students for whom we need more information.
Gift Giving/Receiving Policy?
I'm wondering if any of you all have a "gift giving/receiving policy" with your ISP? In other words...do you have a policy about what to do with gifts from international family offered to you and/or your host parents. I'm not talking about a set of chopsticks or a tin of tea, but at what price point do you say that is "too much." We have had gifts like expensive jewelry, Mt Blanc pens (the $1000 kind), $3000 cash (given to a host family), Coach (or other namebrand items) handbags, etc. If you have a policy, can you please share it?
iPad Programs

How many of you are currently using IPads in your school that are provided by the school, for the students? How are you funding it?