Principles and Practices of Christian Early Education 2.0

Early educators can examine the essential foundations of a biblical philosophy of Christian early education in the Principles and Practices of Christian Early Education 2.0 course. This digitally downloadable eight-part series is presented by Dr. Kristi Martin and Dr. Althea Penn. Completion of this course fulfills the REACH accreditation requirement if you're considering accreditation for your early education program, as well as the Standard Early Education Teacher Certification requirement (ACSI certification is optional for early educators).

Purchase the course directly from Purposeful Design Publications (one-time purchase allowing for individual or group viewing) or watch it individually in the Early Education Channel in ConNEXUS Premium. Upon purchase of the course, you will receive a downloadable PDF of notes that correspond to the eight video sessions (links to the videos are provided on the second page of the notes). Also included on the final page of the notes are fillable forms for creating CEU certificates (Purposeful Design course only).

Participants will receive six clock hours (1 CEU) upon completion of the course. 

Contact us at 800.367.0798 or at earlyeducation@acsi.org with any questions.

Expected Student Outcomes
Blog May 9, 2022: Expected Student Outcomes: A Help, or Just Hype?

In the last five to ten years, there has been an increased emphasis on establishing expected student outcomes (ESOs) and using them throughout the school. Accreditation protocols at all levels require these student learning outcomes and colleges have used these as the basis for program and institutional effectiveness measures. Is this just a case of adopting some educational jargon, or is there an actual benefit behind this increased emphasis? In other words, are ESOs a help to schools in fulfilling their missions, or are they more educational hype?

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