Flourish Deeper

Flourish Deeper: Spiritual Formation & the NEW Flourishing Faith Index

Based on the Flourishing School Culture Model, Flourish Deeper is a one-day professional development opportunity that helps you dig deeper on a particular area. This school year, we will look closer at Spiritual Formation which aligns with the Purpose domain.

School Leaders are engaging around the importance of spiritual formation in an ever changing culture and among a myriad of voices. Understanding what flourishing faith in Christian schools looks like, how students grow in their faith, and how Christian schools help nurture and promote spiritual growth is a primary and foundational issue. Join this national event as school leaders and content experts collaborate around the challenges and opportunities of faith formation and experience the unpacking of the NEW Flourishing Faith Index (Research & Instrument). Together, we will engage around integral components: Head (Faithful Worldview), Heart (Faithful Fruit), & Hands (Faithful Deeds) while exploring implications for practice.


Flourish Deeper Speakers


Dr. Larry Taylor

President and CEO, ACSI

Why Spiritual Formation

Lainie Montgomery

Director of Spiritual Formation, ACSI

Spiritual Formation in Today's Culture

ACSI Research Team

The Flourishing Faith Index Research & Practice

Dr. Edward BunnDr. Edward Bunn

Director of Professional Development, ACSI

The Flourishing School Culture Model

Flourish Deeper: Spiritual Formation & the NEW Flourishing Faith Index

Date: February 8, 2024
Location: The Hope Center (Plano, TX)
Registration: $99 (member) and $129 (non-member)