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Welcome Parents & Students

“We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.” Psalm 78:4


ACSI Parents Audience Introduction


Even though your baby never came home with an instruction manual, God’s Word is the best guide for parenting. At ACSI, we believe education is best from a biblical worldview. We also believe in educational freedom and parent-school choice because you know your child far better than anyone else. Whether you wish to learn more about ways to fund Christian schooling for your child or resources such as textbooks or online learning you can use at home, ACSI is here to help you on your parenting journey. 

We invite you to explore the tabs to the left to learn about resources for parents.

Children's Tuition Fund
Children's Tuition Fund

Children's Tuition Fund Website

Children’s Tuition Fund (CTF), a ministry of ACSI, supports and advocates for educational choice and innovation through scholarship tax-credit programs that provide parents the opportunity to choose an education that is the best fit for their children.

Visit the Children's Tuition Fund Website

Educational Resources
Educational Resources

Educational Resources

ACSI is committed to providing educational resources to help you and your child.

Measure biblical literacy to inform instruction through the ACSI Bible Assessment. This stand-along standardized test is now available in an online or paper/pencil format.

Sevenstar provides solid, biblically based academic resources to meet a wide range of educational needs from student credit recovery and supplemental learning to complete online learning.

Many homeschool families enjoy Purposeful Design textbooks created by ACSI because of hands-on learning activities intentionally rooted in biblical truth to eternally transform the hearts and lives of your children.

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Find a School
Find a Christian School in Your Area

Find a School - Image of Map

Search for schools in the US by selecting the map or using the zip code / radius search. Locate schools outside of the US or search for them by name.

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Homeschool Family Membership
Homeschool Family Membership

Participate in ACSI Student Activities and learn best practices for educating your child through the ACSI Homeschool family membership. This annual membership provides access to quality, engaging experiences for your student as well as important information to be the best parent educator for your family.

Learn More & Join Today

School Choice
School Choice

As a parent, school choice is an educational freedom that you have. Ed Choice (2023) says that “school choice allows public education funds to follow students to schools or services that best fit their needs.” At ACSI, we believe that Christian education is the best choice whether that is part of a private Christian school, home school or another educational environment.

Learn About School Choice

Reference: Ed Choice. (2023). What is school choice? Ed Choice.

Why Christian Schooling?
Why Christian Schooling?

Why Christian Education Matters

The choice you make for your children's education shapes them academically, spiritually, and in their worldview and skills. At Christian schools, the faculty and staff are equipped to address each of these developing areas of a child's life. These schools take seriously the responsibility to develop children's minds, but they don't distance God from academics. They know that developing skills in young people is essential to helping them reach their God-given potential.

Christian educators help cultivate a worldview in which God has His rightful place, and they look to the Bible for guidance in answering life's big questions. These teachers enhance children's spiritual development in an intentional, nurturing manner.

A Christian education at an ACSI member school will help your child grow spiritually, academically, and culturally. In fact, the recent Cardus Education Survey and other education studies show that ACSI schools develop the whole child better than any other type of school. Watch this brief video to learn how!



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God has wired you with unique talents and giftings to use for His glory!  We believe your education will help mold you into the Christ follower you are called to be. From student activities, international travel experiences to scholarship opportunities, ACSI is here to provide you with ways to flourish.

We invite you to explore the tabs to the left to learn about resources for students.

Higher Education Opportunities
Higher Education Opportunities
As a higher education undergraduate or graduate student working on an education related degree, you may find it beneficial to begin networking with other educators and gaining access to current research and thought leadership. Learn more about the Higher Education Student membership. Also, read about the graduate student research protocol for doctoral dissertation work.

Scholarship Opportunities

You can continue your Christ-centered education after high school at a Christian university. ACSI has a list of scholarship links for your to consider.

More Information on Higher Education Opportunities

Student Leadership & Learning
Student Leadership & Learning


Equipping students to utilize their God-given gifts and abilities to impact this culture for Christ is the goal of Student Leadership & Learning.  By creating immersive and interactive experiences, we provide students with valuable skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and service. Through participation, students discover their unique talents, reinforce their biblical worldview, and increase their cultural influence for Jesus. Get involved today!

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The Great Commission Project
The Great Commission Project

The ACSI Great Commission Project is a life-changing learning experience where you can be the hands and feet of Jesus through service, connecting with another ACSI school located in the area, and gaining valuable cultural experience in another country.

More Information on the Great Commission Project



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