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Why Christian Schooling?

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The choice you make for your children's education shapes them academically, spiritually, and in their worldview and skills. At Christian schools, the faculty and staff are equipped to address each of these developing areas of a child's life. These schools take seriously the responsibility to develop children's minds, but they don't distance God from academics. They know that developing skills in young people is essential to helping them reach their God-given potential. 

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As educators, we’re as unique as the diverse schools we represent. Our professional development should also be unique. Find out what you can expect in our region at this fall’s ACSI Professional Development Forum!

Fundraising Success

Giving Day, a member benefit started last year, enables schools to join with ACSI and other member schools in a national, 24-hour crowdfunding campaign.

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You may have participated in the “homework assignment” by completing a survey last fall, and here are some of the findings!

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ACSI Membership connects your school with a community of Christian educators, along with tools, services, and professional development opportunities.

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Member Testimonials
Time and again I find myself challenged and inspired by the commentary in the ACSI ConNEXUS forums. When taken together there's a tremendous amount of practical guidance and wisdom day after day. It's a great blessing. 
Brian Hazeltine 
Algoma Christian School, Kent City, MI
The ACSI accreditation process was very helpful. It helped make our program better. Thank you. 
Mary Sue Hale
Cross of Hope Lutheran Preschool
We appreciate being members of such a wonderful Christian organization!
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Q & A: Scrip Fundraising Revisited

Legal ramifications of using scrip to directly benefit the parents tuition cost

Steps to Dealing with Homosexual Issues

Many would agree that our culture has changed a lot in the last several decades. Unfortunately, not all of the changes have been good as our culture has increasingly departed from its Judeo-Christian heritage. One of the most significant changes is evident in the consideration of what is acceptable in the realm of human sexuality. People now seem much more tolerant of aberrant sexual behavior, whether it is premarital sex, cohabitation, marital infidelity, or homosexual behavior. The current culture eschews the biblical understanding of what is acceptable to God.

Fully Engaging Your Faculty

... without clear direction to provide a framework and accountability, staff members will do their own things and go in many different directions.

Upcoming Worldwide Events
Professional Development Forum 2016
Sep 22, 2016 - Nov 23, 2016

Over the past five years, we've given you the opportunity to talk back to us about your needs. Just as effective teachers assess and respond to the needs of their students, ACSI is modifying how we deliver professional development in response to you. As a result of your feedback, in the fall of 2016 you'll experience a new professional development opportunity through the ACSI Professional Development Forum.

International School Job Fair
Nov 1, 2016 - Nov 9, 2016

An annual U.S. event that connects international school representatives and sending agencies with potential hires.

International Christian Educator Conference—Asia
Nov 23, 2016 - Nov 26, 2016

A high-quality professional development conference for teachers, administrators, and staff serving in international Christian schools around the world.

Online Community Discussions 
Teachers Mentoring Teachers    
I just had a meeting with two of my very experienced teachers. They are interested in starting a teacher mentoring program with two ideas in mind. One is to mentor teachers who are new to our school and the other is to professionally mentor teachers who are new to our profession. I am seeking assistance from anyone who has an established mentoring program.     
AdvancED Accreditation vs Reach
Does anyone know if the changes to Reach standards applies to AdvancED also?  
Computer Curriculum
I am trying to put together a computer curriculum for Kindergarten through grade 8 and would appreciate anything that you could share. I am very interested in seeing what is being taught at the various grade levels. Thanks for your help.