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Why Christian Schooling?

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The choice you make for your children's education shapes them academically, spiritually, and in their worldview and skills. At Christian schools, the faculty and staff are equipped to address each of these developing areas of a child's life. These schools take seriously the responsibility to develop children's minds, but they don't distance God from academics. They know that developing skills in young people is essential to helping them reach their God-given potential. 

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ACSI’s Burkina Faso Office Launches

ACSI announces the opening of an office that will serve French-speaking Christian schools in West Africa.

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Time and again I find myself challenged and inspired by the commentary in the ACSI ConNEXUS forums. When taken together there's a tremendous amount of practical guidance and wisdom day after day. It's a great blessing. 
Brian Hazeltine 
Algoma Christian School, Kent City, MI
The ACSI accreditation process was very helpful. It helped make our program better. Thank you. 
Mary Sue Hale
Cross of Hope Lutheran Preschool
We appreciate being members of such a wonderful Christian organization!
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Featured Resources
47.8 Christian Education Worth the Cost?

Is it really worthwhile to spend your hard-earned money on a Christian education? At ACSI, we firmly believe it is. I’ve invited Karen Winter, superintendent of Turlock Christian Schools (Turlock, California), to share some of the reasons why Christian schooling is worth what it costs. —Dan Egeler

A Biblical Model for Discipline and Dismissal

Though letting a person go under the "at-will" presumption is legal in most cases, it is not always the right or wise thing to do.

Bilingual Education in a Globalized World

Not all schools are in a position to offer a high quality bilingual program, so ACSI has developed an English as a Foreign Language learning program specially designed for schools who are not ready or able to be fully bilingual but want to equip their students through a robust language arts program in English.

Upcoming Worldwide Events
PFO 2016
Jun 18, 2016 - Jul 1, 2016

An annual conference for teachers, boarding parents, administrators, and their families headed to international Christian schools

Professional Development Forum 2016
Sep 22, 2016 - Nov 23, 2016

Over the past five years, we've given you the opportunity to talk back to us about your needs. Just as effective teachers assess and respond to the needs of their students, ACSI is modifying how we deliver professional development in response to you. As a result of your feedback, in the fall of 2016 you'll experience a new professional development opportunity through the ACSI Professional Development Forum.

International School Job Fair
Nov 1, 2016 - Nov 9, 2016

An annual U.S. event that connects international school representatives and sending agencies with potential hires.

Online Community Discussions 
Transgender Bathroom Admissions Policy  
I'm curious if anyone here has seen this link...? They are under fire for having policies that discriminate against gay or transgender students. It is espoused that this is not allowed because they accept money for free and reduced lunches.
Final Exams     
Does your school have a policy on final exams—for example, final exams count as x% of the semester grade—or do you leave that up to individual teachers to decide?
Online Resource for HS Bible Teachers
I invite you to check out this Bible Project link. Having checked out the free videos (donations accepted to complete the project), I believe they are excellent in quality and would be welcomed by most of our member schools.