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PODCAST: Addressing Mental Health Needs and Challenges in Christian Schools

Lynn Swaner with Cara Dixon

This month's podcast discusses best practices for addressing mental needs and challenges in the Christian school setting. Listen Now...

Inclusive Education: One Christian School's Journey

Carolyn Beall

It’s that time of year again! As students and parents are enjoying those last few days of summer and maybe beginning to feel some anxious thoughts about a new school year, teachers are busy preparing for their new students (and maybe having some anxious thoughts of their own). They’re wondering, “What will this class be like? What strengths and challenges will these students bring with them? How will I meet all those needs in one room?” Read More...

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"It was good to hear comments from other schools about how they deal with issues. I came away with several key ideas to implement. There was a good balance between information and discussion." -School Administrator at a District Meeting
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