Connect@ the ACSI Professional Development Forum 2016

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We are created to connect. We connect ideas to build frameworks of knowledge. We connect with people in every facet of our lives. We connect through Christ—in whom we live and move and have our being. These connections span who we are, what we do, and how we do it. For Christian educators these connections are so significant to our calling we must consistently nourish and feed them. Connect@ PD Forums this fall and grow through connection. 


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Haiti Christian Schools Need Our Help

ACSI has established a Hurricane Relief Fund to deliver help to our Haitian member schools destroyed and damaged during Hurricane Matthew. Take a moment to read about the extent of damage, how our ACSI Haiti office stands ready to oversee relief distribution, and how you can get involved!

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Educators have the opportunity and challenge to make lifelong learning a priority. This fall ACSI is providing Christ-centered events—Professional Development Forums—around the country to meet that need. Learn more!

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How would you like to raise money for your school? ACSI’s 24-hour nationwide Giving Day—an opportunity to effectively and quickly raise funds—launches February 28, 2017.

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Featured Resources
48.3 Developing Our Children's Weltanschauung

How do you prepare your children for the challenging race of life—especially in today’s increasingly secular, post-Christian society? I’ve invited Dr. Larry Taylor, head of Prestonwood Christian Academy (Plano, Texas), to expound on that here.

48.2 Christian School Parents, Be Encouraged!

Researchers and God’s Word have long recognized that schools are powerful environments that shape one’s worldview. Deckard and Smithwick’s research (2002) suggests a strong correlation between a biblical Christian worldview and the type of school a student attends.

48.1 Raising Daniels in a Secular Babylon

Our children are growing up in an increasingly post-Christian and secular society, where the public views people of faith as irrelevant. What does it mean that we live in a secular society, and how should we and our children engage with this secular culture?

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Nov 1, 2016 - Nov 9, 2016

An annual U.S. event that connects international school representatives and sending agencies with potential hires.

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Nov 23, 2016 - Nov 26, 2016

A high-quality professional development conference for teachers, administrators, and staff serving in international Christian schools around the world.

Online Community Discussions 
Remediation During the School Year  
We are looking for an easily adaptable program to help some of our struggling students, and those who have not passed the state testing in English and Math. Do any of you use a software program, or a paper-based program that allows for easy adaptation for students deficient is specific areas?      
Collective Punishment   
I have been thinking through the use of collective punishment in our middle school, and was wondering what others think about the practice.
FLSA and Dorm Staff   
I would be interested in knowing how boarding schools are handling the new Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines/requirements when it comes to dorm staff. Whether you call them houseparents, RA's, dorm parents or whatever, are they considered exempt employees? If so, how/why are they able to be so considered?