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529 Savings Plans Offer Exciting New Options for Christian Schools

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law December 22, 2017. In a significant step forward that ACSI strongly supported and promoted, the law expanded 529 savings plans so that they now allow savings for K-12 tuition expenses. For updates and information, visit ACSI's 529 Central!

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Getting Unstuck
Jake Becker

Many of our Christian schools today are "stuck"-meaning they are too expensive to grow or too inexpensive to grow. Many either can't grow because there are not enough affluent people who can afford their tuition and their additional costs are too high to grow.  Read more...

Becoming More Affordable: The Pursuit of Third-Income Sources
Jay Ferguson

Second of a four-part series looking at alternate funding models and approaches for Christian schools. Third-income sources can be a forward-looking way to sustain and grow your school. Read more...

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