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"There should be no division in the body ... its parts should have equal concern for each other. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it." 

1 Corinthians 12:25–26

Thousands of people in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean have been displaced and devastated by hurricanes and resultant flooding. Lives, homes, and schools have been destroyed. 

Would you prayerfully consider helping those schools that may need rebuilding in the very near future?

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Why an ACSI Blog? Why Now?

Dr. Lynn E. Swaner

The Christian school movement is, in developmental terms, maturing—which is a polite way of saying that we’re aging! However—and not uncommon for industries as they mature—it’s clear that a host of fresh challenges are being faced by Christian schools. Read more...

Marked “Urgent”: Unity within Diversity in our Christian Schools

Joel R. Gaines

As a school administrator, I occasionally receive e-mails that are marked “urgent.” Now, whether or not a recipient (including myself) considers a given e-mail message to be urgent is a different matter. However, promoting unity within diversity is a topic that requires thoughtful, considerate, and yes, urgent attention. Read more...

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ACSI publications, such as Christian School Education, are stimulating and practical. Conferences provide professional growth and fellowship for our teachers, administrators and board members. I am grateful for counsel received from qualified and internationally experienced ACSI personnel.
Vince Griffis, Director,
Rain Forest International School, Cameroon
Featured Resources
49.2 The Back-to-School Tree

You’ve made a fantastic, eternity-impacting decision by enrolling your kids in a Christian school. But how do you maximize your investment? I’ve invited Jay Ferguson, headmaster of Grace Community School (Tyler, Texas) to outline a few deliberate actions you can take to do so this school year. —Dan

49.1 Back to School—Round 2

The start of the school year is akin to New Year’s Day: it’s a new beginning, and you have no idea what the days ahead will bring. For that reason, it’s a great time to re-center on God. I’ve invited Jay Ferguson, headmaster of Grace Community School (Tyler, Texas), to address some ideas on keeping a godly perspective this year. —Dan

48.9 Essential Training Areas for Children 2

Christian schools are most effective when they partner with parents in discipling their children. In Christian School Comment 48.8, Dr. Larry Taylor shared the first part of his model for deliberately training children. I encourage you to read it if you haven’t, and to enjoy this second part. —Dan

Upcoming Worldwide Events
International School Leaders Conference—Thailand
Oct 21, 2017 - Oct 24, 2017

Professional development, encouragement, and networking for the international Christian school leader.

International School Job Fair
Oct 31, 2017 - Nov 7, 2017

An annual U.S. event that connects international school representatives and sending agencies with potential hires.

Online Community Discussion
If You Use Agencies for International Students

We currently deal with 6 agencies: Educatius, ICEC, American Home Life International, Gateway, Ameristudent and Ivy Bridge. As we consider next year—2018–2019—I am considering removing one—maybe two—of our current partners, and adding another.
IEP and 504 Plans

We have more and more students entering our schools with IEPs and 504 Plans. Some schools have a form that they have parents sign acknowledging that they know that certain services in their child's plan cannot be provided. I would appreciate any help that can be provided for creating such a form for our school.
Overnight Trip Sleeping Arrangements Policy

Does your school have a policy on sleeping arrangements for overnight trips? On a church mission trip I was on, the district had a policy that adults and students did not sleep in the same rooms. There are pros and cons to adults being present and not being present in the rooms.