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TRENDING NOW on ACSI Community: Summer Reading; Movement in the Classroom

Heather Wendt

In this thread, teachers and librarians are going beyond a conversation about how  to implement summer reading and are questioning the reasons behind the process. For example, they are asking questions like, Why have educators for generations created summer reading programs? What is the desired outcome? Participants overwhelmingly agree that the goal is to help inspire a love of reading and learning in students—but too often in an attempt to make sure students actually follow through, expectations and requirements slide into the punitive (participants even shared the negative impact of summer reading requirements they themselves saw during their own school days). Read More...

The Power of No

Jay Ferguson

I often think the most powerful, yet most underused, word in today's modern parental vocabulary is "no." With the summer months on the way-and with them, more unstructured time and freedom for most children-this word may become even more important for us as parents, and ultimately for our kids' flourishing. Read more...

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