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Caring Too Much: Burned-Out Educators and Disengagement in Our Schools

Rex Miller

A 2013 Gallup research poll, The School Cliff: Student Engagement Drops with Each School Year, reports that before the end of high school, 60% of students are checking out. Alarmingly, by 2015 that number jumps to 66%. Worse, 50% of their teachers are disengaged, and another 20% reach the level of “toxic.” It seems obvious that without engaged teachers, we cannot cultivate engaged students. Read More...

Transforming Your Space AND Your Leadership Culture

Lynn Swaner

This month's podcast discusses the "flexible office" concept, which is an innovative approach to designing spaces for the school leadership team. However, this approach isn't really about the space-but more about creating a collaborative culture, building relationships, and modeling a Christ-centered community for teachers, students, and families. Listen Now...

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