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Welcome Champions

All over the world, ACSI is helping to bring about the Kingdom work of Christian education—but we can’t do it alone. We need people who share our desire to prepare and inspire the next generation of devoted Christ followers. We need people who understand the important role that Christian schools and Christian educators play in the formation of young lives. We need people who will join us in passionately defending and advancing Christian education around the world. We need champions like you.

When you become a champion of Christian education, you do more than simply raise awareness, prayer, and financial support for our mission, you become a part of what God is doing in the lives of millions of children across the globe.

Check out a few of the ways that you can be a champion for the next generation below.


Support Our Mission
Support Our Mission


One of the greatest ways that you can champion our mission is by giving a financial gift. When you give to ACSI, you strengthen Christian schools and equip Christian educators with the resources, guidance, and leadership that they need to effectively prepare and inspire the next generation of devoted Christ followers.

ACSI's mission is having a profound impact on countless children, families, and communities around the world. With over 25,000 Christian schools in 108 countries, we continue to witness God’s faithfulness and favor upon Christian education and our efforts. This transformative work is changing lives and making an immeasurable difference.

A gift of any size can have a powerful, eternal impact on the life of a child. Join us in this critical work by giving a financial gift today.

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Become a Strategic Partner

Become a Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

To further strengthen Christian schools and equip Christian educators, ACSI partners with mission-minded, highly qualified organizations that can provide our schools and educators with vital resources - including products and services - that help them flourish.

As an organization, when you partner with ACSI, you have the opportunity to support our schools and educators while also advancing your unique mission. Through the partnership, you gain access to the key leaders and “gatekeepers” within the Christian education market in order to provide them with the resources they need to succeed. The results from these partnerships are powerful. Together, we have the opportunity to reach and support thousands of school communities, including the tens of thousands of students, teachers, faculty, parents, alumni, and influencers that they represent.

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Advocate for Christian Education
Advocate for Christian Education

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Now more than ever your voice and action matter for Christian education. Whether it is voting, praying, or contacting your legislative representative, becoming involved in legal advocacy on behalf of Christian education will help protect freedoms for future generations.

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    Be a Prayer Warrior
    We invite you to become an ACSI Prayer Warrior!

    Prayer Request

    What a blessing it is to know that you are championing ACSI and Christian schools around the world through prayer! Complete a simple form to let us know of your desire to be an ACSI Prayer Warrior, and view the ACSI Prayer Map for requests from Christian school educators around the world.

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    Children's Tuition Fund
    Children's Tuition Fund

    Children's Tuition Fund Website

    Children’s Tuition Fund (CTF), a ministry of ACSI, exists to advance and resource educational freedom for parents who desire a Christ-centered education for their children.

    Visit the Children's Tuition Fund Website

    News & Updates
    News & Updates


    Stay up to date on ACSI news as well as read our feature stories to learn how to champion ACSI efforts as we continue to advance Christ-centered education, provide access to students globally, and advocate effectively.

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