ACSI Professional Development: Call to Present

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Call for Proposals: ACSI Professional Development Forum 2017

Considering a presentation at this year's PD Forum? We encourage you to consider how you may connect with your colleagues around new ideas at the Forum.  Consider what you have to share—your experience and knowledge may be just the help your colleague needs—then choose the delivery method that suits you and your information best. Submit your proposal and start preparing for this year's Forum!  

New for 2017: To provide more flexibility in matching your proposal content with the right delivery format to best reach your audience, we are offering five session style options. Please consider how your topic might best be addressed and how you might engage your audience interacitvely around it, then propose your session identifying the format best suited to your topic and audience. 

Presentation Delivery Options 

Single Breakout Session 

Session leaders provide participants with an examination of research-based topics. Session leaders are facilitators with significant experience and knowledge in the topic. These sessions are both informative and highly interactive as they offer participants the opportunity to engage with the material through the expertise of the leader and through active, collaborative learning. Considerable emphasis is placed on the interactive and engaged learning portions of these sessions as they offer participants opportunity to further their understanding—developing new solutions and strategies for their own practice. (Requirement: 25 minutes of the 75 minute session must be used to engage participants in interactive, collaborative learning as supported by principles of adult learning and instruction.)   

Breakout Session Track (3 Sessions)

With the same requirements as breakout sessions described above for a single session, a three session track offers a deeper examination of the topic as it builds over three sessions. Preference will be given to well-developed 3-session track proposals.

Poster Session 

Share best practices in classrooms, programs and projects or research findings. These sessions offer an informal, interactive and brief presentation in a comfortable setting where educators can share their successes and growth with colleagues. If you can have a conversation, you can present a poster session! 

Ed Talks

This is the lightning round of presentations—presenters have 6 minutes to share focused, concise presentations on a topic germane to Christian education today. These sessions will move fast, raise and answer questions, and are intended to stimulate further conversation. Share best practice, prompt collegial thinking with good questions, or share a great success on your campus that might benefit others. PPT slides are optional.

Panel Discussion

This format must include 2–3 presenters representing multiple perspectives on the same topic. Panelists create an engaging moderated discussion through dialogue, storytelling, case studies and lessons learned to help participants consider new perspectives and apply new concepts to their practice. 

Selection Process 

Proposals are selected to ensure that Forums offer a comprehensive and noncommercial program. Presenters of accepted proposals will be notified by July 15, 2017. 

All accepted presenters are responsible for securing and paying for travel and lodging. Please plan and budget accordingly before submitting your proposal.

Tips to Prepare your Proposal: 

  • Consider your audience. Forum participants represent a variety of educators from EE–12 and higher education and include various roles from classroom to administration, board, and staff. We will ask you to identify your session's target audience in the proposal and encourage you to consider how you might engage the broadest audience possible while still remaining relevant.
  • Clearly articulate intended learning outcomes for your session—what specific knowledge or understanding will participants acquire as a result of attending your session?  
  • Provide a biblical worldview foundation for your topic as appropriate. Clearly identify how this worldview will inform the session topic.
  • All proposals should be designed to incorporate collaborative, active learning. Please select the delivery format that best engages your audience around the content interactively.
  • Ensure your program does not include any commercial or marketing elements. Forum sessions are professional development opportunities and not a venue for commercial presentations. 

Submit a Proposal 

Complete the proposal form below to submit your presentation for consideration in the 2017 ACSI Professional Development Forums!