Sharpening Kingdom Leaders Ep 1 | Dr. Don Davis, part 1, on Church Partnership & Equipping Parents

January 5, 2024

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Show Notes

In this first episode of Sharpening Kingdom Leaders, ACSI President & CEO Dr. Larry Taylor talks with Dr. Don Davis, the Head of School at Second Baptist School in Houston, TX. Hear about discipleship methods, school philosophy, and the relationship between church and school at Second Baptist. 

Sharpening Kingdom Leaders

ACSI President & CEO Dr. Larry Taylor showcases conversations with Christian school leaders about their calling, best practices, models, and qualities to create a dynamic, growing school culture. Dr. Taylor has served as ACSI's President and CEO since 2019, following two decades as the Head of School at Prestonwood Christian Academy in Texas. He also spent 12 years as a high school principal and Assistant Headmaster at The First Academy in Florida. Dr. Taylor completed his Ph.D. in Philosophy in Leadership Studies from Dallas Baptist University, his master's degree in Education Leadership at Nova University, and his bachelor's degree at the University of Central Florida. In 2013, Dr. Taylor published the book titled "Running with The Horses," which helps parents raise children to be servant-leaders for Christ.