The Flourishing Journey Ep 2 | Professional Development: Giving Voice & Choice

February 12, 2024

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Stephen Deck, ACSI Senior Director of Accreditation & Credentialing, joins the Flourishing Journey podcast to discuss tools & resources for school-based professional development.

Find more info at https://www.acsi.org/school_based_pd or by email at SchoolBasedPD@acsi.org.

Flourishing Journey

The Flourishing Journey with ACSI Professional Development Director Dr. Edward Bunn explores strategies and principals for transforming a Christian school culture that truly thrives through research and practical application. Dr. Edward Bunn joined the ACSI family in 2018 and currently serves as the Director of Professional Development. He was previously the Head of School at Faith Christian School in North Carolina for 12 years. Dr. Bunn completed his master's degree in School Administration and doctorate in Educational Leadership at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.