ACSI Christian College Scholarships and Programs for Students and Educators


At ACSI, we believe a Christ-centered education doesn't have to end after high school graduation. In fact, attending a Christian college or university enables students to further strengthen their biblical foundation as they prepare to serve God and others in their vocation and ministry. Christian college scholarships for ACSI school students, offered by our member colleges and universities, is a valuable way to assist Christian school families in providing a K-16 Christian school experience for their children.

For ACSI Member School Graduates

School HEAP (ACSI Accredited) Scholarships Weblinks Notes
Central Christian College of Kansas NO YES Central Christian Scholarships
Colorado Christian University YES YES Colorado Christian University Scholarships
Grand Canyon University NO YES Grand Canyon University
Pillar College NO YES Pillar College Scholarships
Providence Christian College NO YES Providence Scholarships
Shasta Bible College and Graduate School NO YES  Shasta Scholarships  

In some cases, tuition discounts and scholarships are extended to your broader school community. For example, many Christian institutions of higher education also provide offerings to Christian school teachers, staff, and leaders that enable them to continue growing in their professional work and lives. These offerings can also include CEUs and coursework toward advanced degrees.

For ACSI Member School Educators

School HEAP Scholarship/Discount CEU Hours Advanced Degrees Weblink Notes
Bob Jones University NO NO YES Bob Jones University Degrees
Cedarville University YES  YES Cedarville Website for Educator Discounts
Central Christian College of Kansas NO  YES Central Christian Website for Educator Discounts
Colorado Christian University YES  YES Colorado Christian University 15% Discount for Member School Staff - Masters in Educational Leadership
Faith Theological Seminary & Christian College NO NO Faith Theological Seminar & Christian College
Grand Canyon University NO YES YES Grand Canyon University
Messiah College NO YES YES Messiah College
Pillar College NO NO YES Pillar College CEU Courses
Prairie College NO YES YES Prairie College
Shasta Bible College and Graduate School NO   YES     Shasta Website for Educator Discounts