Westmoreland Christian Academy (WCA) in Greensburg, PA, is one of many ACSI member schools that experienced a devastating 2020-2021 school year. In a few months, the school community endured the untimely death of a beloved administrator, challenges posed by COVID-19, and a drastic drop in student enrollment.

In response, the school community rallied together in prayer and fasting. Over several weeks, they fervently asked God to boost their enrollment, which is typically made up of students who—9 times out of 10—receive scholarships largely from ACSI’s Children’s Tuition Fund.

Amid these dire circumstances, the WCA Board of Directors refused to lose faith, knowing that the Lord is always more than capable to deliver His people from strife. 

“We said that we may not understand the ‘why’ about everything that happened, but that we know the ‘Who’ who is faithful and true,” the Board said. “That ‘Who’ is someone we can depend on, who is still our miracle worker – that ‘Who’ is Jesus!”

Every day was a battle with seemingly little progress. However, the school was undeterred and continued in prayer.

Slowly more students began to enroll, and eventually total numbers surpassed the school’s goal!

The Board shared that their committed teachers even led 18 students to the Lord during school chapel.

“We want to provide a good education, but our first obligation as a Christian school is to lead them [the students] to Christ,” the Board said. “Real faith is not seeing what we can get out of God, but it is faith to trust Him when we are in the fire—that He is more than enough to see us through. He is our way maker!”

To read WCA’s full letter to ACSI, click here

This testimony is one of many made possible by CTF—a ministry providing more than $7 million in scholarships each year for children to attend Christian schools. The ministry passionately advocates for educational choice through scholarship tax-credit programs, providing parents the opportunity to choose an education that best fits their children.