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Resilience in Young Children - Teaching with Hope with Dr. Lynn Hoekstra

Are our young children exhibiting hope or fear?  Are they developing resilient spirits? An absence of hope and fear of failure is all too prevalent in a contemporary culture which often emphasizes performance over process.  Romans 5:3-5 emphasize the value of suffering as it eventually develops perseverance, resulting in hope.  Resilience requires perseverance in adversity, resulting in hope gained through difficult experiences, supported by our faithful, never-failing Father God.  During this training, we will be prepared to: explain why children should be allowed to fail, identify specific practices in the early childhood classroom for reducing stress and anxiety, and communicate with families and caregivers key ideas for promoting resilience in young children. God is continually at work within each believer.  Philippians 1:6 reminds us the work of spiritual completeness is a gradual process.  This principle is key for learning to deal with failure and persevering in all areas of development.

Resilience In Young Children– Teaching with Hope

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