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Accreditation with ACSI engages schools in a vigorous, holistic process of organizational appraisal and improvement that engages every school constituent. Our program is a highly regarded Christian program for member schools. We have partnerships with all of the U.S. regional accreditation agencies and offer joint accreditation with numerous accrediting organizations.

Every step in our accreditation process is designed to be useful for driving improvement in private schools. If you are striving for excellence based on a solid Christian philosophy of education, consider exploring our program.



The purpose of ACSI Certification is to strengthen Christian schools by credentialing educators who meet established professional and biblical requirements. ACSI Certification promotes continued professional learning and increased effectiveness. Establishing and maintaining the certification of staff and administration is an essential step toward professional credibility and growth. Education is a process. Just as we encourage our students to grow and become life–long learners, we want to set the same example as their teachers and leaders.

ACSI certification establishes a framework for professional growth to occur over time, just like continuous school improvement.

Christian School Educators Embrace AI Risks, Benefits

May 6, 2024, 11:02 AM by Caitlyn Harding

OTTAWA, ON & COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – A new study finds that around 38% of Christian school educators use artificial intelligence (AI) at least sometimes at work. An almost equal proportion (37%) reports never using AI. Those findings come from "Navigating AI in Christian Schools," a report published by think tank Cardus based on an Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) survey of educators (teachers and leaders) at its member schools.

The report also found that: 

  • 70% of educators report being at least somewhat familiar with AI 

  • 87% of educators agree that AI can help teachers save time and effort 

  • 60% of educators agree AI can help teachers create more effective curriculum and lesson plans 

  • Only 18% of educators indicated their school banned students’ use of AI 

ACSI President & CEO Dr. Larry Taylor believes educators’ faith should inform how they leverage AI.

“I believe AI has tremendous potential, but it’s imperative that we exemplify how to use it in a Christ-like, biblically honoring way,” he shared. “This report is extremely timely as we navigate the new norms that AI has already brought into the world of education.”

Report coverDespite educators’ familiarity with and use of AI, they’re also concerned about the potential downsides of the technology for students. Many worry that AI could lead students to cheat, stunt their critical thinking skills, invade privacy, or even undermine students’ faith. In fact, educators’ top use of AI is to detect student plagiarism. They also use it to find teaching ideas and resources, or to prepare emails and lesson plans. Dr. Lynn E. Swaner, a report co-author, President - US at Cardus and ACSI Senior Fellow, says many Christian schools are only just starting to come to grips with how widespread AI has become.

“Ever since ChatGPT exploded onto our screens in 2022, Christian schools have had to navigate their way toward finding the appropriate place for AI,” Swaner said. “Hopefully, our study will help educators see the big picture of how Christian schools are finding their way through the world of AI and spark conversations about how AI fits within their school’s mission and values.”

ACSI Director of Research Rian Djita echoed Swaner’s sentiment, stating, “This ground-breaking research, the first of its kind in Christian education, positions ACSI as a leader in navigating the potential of AI in Christian schools."

"Navigating AI in Christian Schools" is freely available online and is the first of many conversations ACSI and Cardus will provide Christian education leaders on this new technology in the coming months.   

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